SK filed a case over the publication of the fake cry of

the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg opened a criminal case on false information on the spread of the coronavirus. Fake was published in a social network “Vkontakte”.

In the region of 10 migrants from underground hostel identified coronavirus

according to the Investigative Committee in St. Petersburg, a user calling himself Vladimir Vorontsov has published a report that in one of the military educational institutions of the city, an outbreak of coronavirus infection in sick supposedly 70 percent of the cadets and officers. Moreover, despite the diagnosis, they are forced to do morning exercises.

But, as emphasized in the regional UK, in the school cases COVID-19 is not detected at all.

TASS, citing a source in law enforcement bodies, said that the case filed against the administrator of a public “Ombudsman police.”

This is the second case under article 207.1 of the criminal code instituted in St. Petersburg. Earlier the case was brought by the fact of publication of a fake infection coronavirus infection in one of the clinics of the Resort area.