the Chief editor of RT Margarita Simonyan believes that the inability of the Russian authorities to control the information in social networks, including fakes could lead in the near future to the socio-political turmoil in the country.

According to her, in Russia, state institutions have no unified position about what to do with the spread of false information, and generally “just fuck it don’t understand.”

“One understands that it is necessary to do something, but lack of time, second I understand that this must have something to do, but I don’t know what, others know nothing, but are convinced that everything is fine in that form in which there are, and the invisible hand of freedom of speech itself senses crusher cellular towers (supporters of conspiracy theories about the dangers of rigs 5G – ed.),” wrote Simonyan in his telegram channel.

for Example, she said, the country, a rumor spread that education in schools after the epidemic of the coronavirus will be replaced by the remote. It believed so many people that refute this fake had at the highest level is made personally by President Vladimir Putin. Use the same popularity in society, theories about chipizatsiya population under the guise of vaccinations from COVID-19. However the Investigatory Committee why-that turns criminal case on “conditional aunt from Saransk”, reported the death of a doctor at the hospital about than read one. According to Simonyan, the overall adequate approach of authorities to the social networks themselves is fraught with serious consequences on a national scale.

“I train myself to accept the idea that the pace within a few years the country will start a civil war, she concluded.

Earlier, Simonyan said that misinformation in social networks about an imaginary danger COVID-19 caused a major outbreak of diseases coronavirus in Dagestan.

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