The chief editor of RT and mother of many children Margarita Simonyan shared with subscribers of the secret of his weight loss, calling it “its harmful, but effective and easy diet.” She wrote about this on his page in Instagram.

In October of last year, Margarita Simonyan third child was born. In the social network, she wrote that today her weight is 53.9 kg, whereas nine months ago, she weighed 72 kilograms. At the same time, says Simonyan to lose weight, she does no sports and has no exercises. To lose weight, it helps to only correct food.

The journalist revealed, what is her diet. According to her, she eats twice a day, and in the morning anything you want from cheese, scrambled eggs and hash to the meat and pasta, but also fruit, berries and ice cream. And for the amount of food she looks. Dinner Margarita Simonyan, about 17 hours, when it begins to feel hungry. Her dinner consists of a small amount of lean protein: chicken hearts, lean beef, eggs, fish or seafood without garnish. Also in the evening Simonyan does not eat vegetables and fruits. In addition, she drinks lots of liquid, but only unsweetened beverages.

“I don’t do at all. Neither the time nor the desire to simulator, I always prefer some kind of anthology of Russian poetry” — said Margarita Simonyan.

Previously, Margarita Simonyan has compared health systems in Russia and the United States. She noted that in the United States, much less doctors per capita and hospital beds than in Russia. Also, she said, many Americans do not call an ambulance because I can’t afford it.