Lucas Cordalis did not exactly become a crowd favorite in the jungle camp. Even behind the cameras there was little sympathy for Daniela Katzenberger’s husband, as show author Micky Beisenherz has now revealed.

Lucas Cordalis (55) made it onto the jungle camp podium this year with his third place, but the ambitious son of the former jungle king Costa Cordalis († 75) wasn’t really happy about it.

Many annoyed spectators celebrated Cordalis’ missed jungle crown – and also the jungle camp makers themselves, such as Micky Beisenherz (45), longtime screenwriter on “I’m a star – get me out of here!”, has now revealed.

After the announcement of Cordalis’ third place, “roaring applause and cheering” broke out among the employees, “as if the World Cup final had just been won here,” joked gag writer Beisenherz in his podcast “Apocalypse

The IBES veteran continued to joke about Cordalis’ third place: “Some people will be able to listen to something in the Indian call center tomorrow. That’s for sure.” Beisenherz was referring to the wild speculation that Cordalis and the Katzenberger family had commissioned a call center to generate more calls for TV voting.

Of course there is no truth to the rumours. At the request of, RTL contradicted the call center speculation yesterday. For each season, the voting submission is closely monitored, “detailed analyzes are also carried out,” emphasized a spokesman. “There were no abnormalities or deviations that indicate a possible manipulation of the voting numbers.”

Beisenherz said in his podcast about the voting: “Neither the broadcaster nor the production company has anything to do with the number of calls. We always sit here and look at the numbers in bewilderment and say: How can that be? And of course this call center theory was all over the place here too.” Reason: In the conferences, the team was perplexed by the numerous Cordalis calls. “No one we know is a fan of Lucas Cordalis,” says Beisenherz.

On the other hand, he begrudges the victory to the new jungle queen Djamila Rowe all the more. Beisenherz explains the triumph of the 55-year-old, who became known as the “embassy slut”, as follows: “In January, the German television public will show its most beautiful face when they collectively embrace those whom they simply wish the story will have a good ending.”

Incidentally, the jungle camp author also revealed which jungle camp winner he had never been able to do anything with: “I always found Melanie Müller abysmally crappy,” says Beisenherz. It’s even easier to say that nowadays, said Beisenherz, who was alluding to Müller’s involvement in the neo-Nazi scene.

Is someone getting abusive? The fact that husband Lucas Cordalis only came third in the jungle camp probably made Daniela Katzenberger a bit freaky. Nurse Jenny Frankhauser recorded the first reaction of the “cat” live – and it sounded acidic.

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