On “Let’s Dance” four celebrities danced in show 11 today to get into the final. The celebrities have to convince with three dances including an improvised dance. Who made it into the final?

Only one week left until the big “Let’s Dance” finale takes place on May 20th. Then it says again: “Dancing Star 2022 is…”. But until then, the remaining four couples are fighting today (May 13) for a place in the final. In addition to two couple dances, Amira Pocher and Massimo Sinató, Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sandor Cseke, Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin, as well as René Casselly and Kathrin Menzingerin have to convince this week with an improvised dance, for which they only have 30 seconds to practice.

Professional dancer Massimo Sinató and presenter Amira Pocher kick off the “Let’s Dance” semi-final with their quick step to “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse. Oliver Pocher’s wife starts the new dance week full of vigour. She would not have believed that she would make it to the semifinals, as she reveals. Her attitude has also changed since the last show. “Amira can’t be killed,” Massimo praises his dance partner.

In a pink dress à la Marilyn Monroe, Amira floats across the dance floor. The jury is enthusiastic. The Quickstep brings Massimo and Amira 23 points. “Very dynamic”, Jorge González praised the performance of the 29-year-old and Motsi Mabuse was also enthusiastic. She found the appearance of Amira and Massimo “authentic and natural”. Only Joachim Llambi can’t quite agree with all the praise. “The subtleties have to be right for a top performance,” as he emphasized several times in the previous shows. He didn’t see this in Amira’s footwork. In the end there were 23 points for the “champagne among standard dances”.

On the other hand, things went better with the tango, the second dance by Amira and Massimo. The tango is the moderator’s favorite dance, even if tears flowed during the rehearsals. However, Massimo finds: “It is exactly the right time to dance the tango now”. Only now are they a real team that can get involved with each other. The hard training for the tango pays off. “Great danced by you” recognizes Joachim Llambi. Motsi also thinks: “That was damn good. Celebrate yourselves”. The jury praised the performance of Massimo and Amira with 28 points.

“Magical”, is how actress Janin Ullmann remembers the last shows. Her goal week after week: “Feel what is happening in the moment”. Together with dance partner Zsolt Sandor Cseke (34) they want to convince in the first round with the Paso Doble. “I want to show how we women are: strong, independent, but also sensitive and emotional.” Both seem to have succeeded. Standing ovation from the audience. Janin Ullmann is particularly happy about the “energy that the audience brings with them”. The jury rated the performance of the two with 26 points. Even if Joachim Llambi states that the record of singer Ella Endlich is not broken. The singer took second place on “Let’s Dance” 2018 and had previously broken all point records. Unlike Jorge, who felt that Janin and Zsolt “offered everything”, it was a bit too much for Llambi. “It’s a march, not a sprint dance.” In the end there are 26 points for the Paso Doble of Janin and Zsolt.

The two continue passionately in the second round with the rumba. A real challenge for the 40-year-old. For Janin, “Rumba Walks” feel like she is “learning to walk again”. The actress also has to get used to the speed of the sensual dance. Because she prefers the fast dances, with the rumba she has to “practice patience”. So it’s no wonder that the 40-year-old sees her “fear dance” in this performance. However, she also masters this with flying colors. Zsolt and Janin are rewarded with 30 points and standing ovations – this time also from the jury.

The dance in round one is particularly emotional for Mathias Mester and Renata Lusin. With the contemporary dance to “Perfectly Imperfect”, Mathias wants to “free himself” from old lovesickness. “I was very much in love. Put my life in her hands. I left friends, moved 500 kilometers away and then I was stabbed and cheated,” says the 35-year-old. Emotions that Mathias can bring across, especially in contemporary dance. “Wow Mathias, I just like to look at you” enthuses Motsi. Jorge also agrees: “I suffer with you, I dream with you”. Only Joachim Llambi had hoped for more from Mathias and Renata: “The engine only really ran smoothly from the second third.” The jury rated Renata and Mathias’ expressive dance with 24 points.

In the second round, the two have to swing the dance leg faster. Her dance: The Quickstep. “Encore”, the audience shouts enthusiastically after the performance of Renata and Mathias. “That was so good,” says Motsi, happy for the two of them. “Today you showed: Everyone can do everything,” praises the professional dancer. “Danced very well,” agrees Joachim Llambi and is even satisfied with the athlete’s footwork. The result: 29 points.

Crowd favorite René Casselly and professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger dance the Charleston to “Charleston” in the first round. After the pair’s small fall on the jive last week, they’re feeling even more pressure. Charleston, an expressive dance, especially in the face, as Kathrin Menzinger reminds her dance partner. Although the 25-year-old grew up in the circus, making faces is really difficult for him. But René also gets to the heart of this in the show. “Danced great. You won the first round with me,” praises the dance professional. However, Llambi never remains completely free of criticism. He would have liked to have liked more “Charleston”. In the end, the jury gave the dance 28 points.

Kathrin Menzinger and René Casselly can also convince in the second round. There are 29 points for the elaborately choreographed dance that the circus artist René dances for his deceased grandfather. René Casselly seems to have been born into contemporary dance. Full of body awareness, lifting figures and heartbreak, they express their feelings. High praise from the jury. “Your grandpa would be proud. I believed everything,” Jorge enthuses and Joachim Llambi and Motsi Mabuse are also “very impressed”. The result: 29 points.

In round 3 it will be exciting. Because the “Let’s Dance” couples have to give their all in the “Impro Dance even more extreme” challenge. The jury evaluates speed, creativity, spontaneity and technique. The challenge: The couples have to perform a completely improvised dance. After drawing their random dance, they have exactly 90 seconds to change their clothes. 30 seconds to think about a choreo and another 60 seconds to convince the jury of your skills.

Kathrin and René win the challenge with an improvised salsa. According to Llambi, the best of all four improvised dances, which is rewarded with 27 points. With 24 points, Janin Ullmann and Zsolt Sandor Cseke danced their way across the dance floor with the slow waltz. Amira and Massimo drew the Slow Fox and got 22 points from the jury. Renata and Mathias brought up the rear with 19 points and their improvised jive.

In terms of points, Rene and Kathrin don’t have to worry about being eliminated so shortly before the final. With 84 points, the two lead the points table. Closely followed by Janin and Zsolt with 80 points. Mathias and Renata were again in last place this week.

But the audience has remained true to their favorites: Amira and Massimo have to leave “Let’s Dance”. In the final next week: Mathias Mester, René Casselly and Janin Ullmann.

Only “partially entertaining”: Sarah Mangione was eliminated from “Let’s Dance” with her performance before the final on May 20th.

Final spurt in “Let’s Dance”: In the quarter-finals, Kathrin Menzinger involuntarily stays on the ground: a setback for professional dancer and partner René Casselly. However, another couple had to leave the RTL show.

The 15th season of “Let’s Dance” is slowly coming to an end. In the quarterfinals, Sarah Mangione had to give up her dancing shoes.

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