Two hundred ships and 15 thousand soldiers will be involved in the naval parade devoted to Navy Day. As the Minister of defense during selector meeting in the Ministry of defense on Tuesday, June 30, naval parades will be held in eight ports, and the bases of the fleet July 26. At the same time, to exclude any risks to their health during the period of coronavirus pandemic, would be strictly adhered to all the necessary epidemiological measures.

The biggest naval celebration will be held in Saint-Petersburg and Kronstadt. The main parade will be attended by 46 different classes of ships, boats and submarines, and four thousand soldiers. Air ship parade will support 42 aircraft and helicopter.

the Navy parade in St. Petersburg and Kronstadt to join other fleets with fleets. So, the Grand parade will be held ships, boats and submarines in Severomorsk, Baltiysk, Sevastopol, Kaspiysk and Vladivostok and the Syrian port of Tartus.

According to Sergei Shoigu, in the naval celebrations on 26 July, will involve 200 fighting ships of various classes, over a hundred pieces of equipment, 15 thousand troops. All this from the air will support 80 aircraft and helicopters.

the Minister Also drew attention to the fact that during the preparation and the celebrations would be strictly adhered to, the whole complex protivomoroznyh measures.

“you Must eliminate any risks to the health of participants in the parade,” – said Shoigu.

Another theme of the conference call in the defense Ministry – the arrival of new equipment to the troops. So, Sergei Shoigu noted that during the six months the Russian army has enlarged 776 military vehicles. Among them, 58 planes and helicopters, more than 140 vehicles and more than 500 multi-purpose vehicles.

in addition, this year at the disposal of the Navy entered the missile submarine of strategic appointment To-549 “Prince Vladimir” with the ships security.

“Prince Vladimir” – Russian strategic nuclear submarine of the 4th generation. Built on the modernized project 955A “Borey”. Has the speed to 55 miles per hour. Autonomy – up to 90 days. The crew – 107 people. “Prince Vladimir” is armed with 16 missiles “Bulava” with cruise missiles. The submarine has six torpedo tubes caliber 533 mm. They can shoot as classical torpedoes and high-speed torpedoboote. As additional weapons – mines of different classes and calibers.

“Prince Vladimir” has begun to carry on combat duty in the Northern fleet since June 12, 2020.

On a conference call in the defense Ministry also noted the work of military engineers. For six months, was built over a thousand buildings and structures. Particularly intensive construction period was in the spring when the country began��camping epidemic coronavirus COVID-19. While it was built 16 infectious health centres, they were later joined by four more. It is important to note that they were all delivered ahead of schedule, with no complaints about the quality of construction and equipment were recorded.

Construction anticavity hospitals continues today. So, the medical center of 200 seats erected in Voronezh, three medical facilities are nearing completion in Dagestan. In addition, the Ministry of defense otstrelivaetsya multifunctional hospitals in Kaspiysk, Pskov, Velikie Luki.