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Hjørnesteinsbedriften Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted in Fitjar municipality in Vestland continues to bring foreign workers to the yard during the koronakrisen.

There have been unusually many residents to contact the municipality because they fear infection, according to Fitjar mayor Harald Rydland.

on Thursday asked verftsdirektør Hugo Strand in the Debate against the mayor to answer why the yard continues the import of labour, though Norway is in koronakrise.

– A verftsarbeidsplass breeds three to five external jobs. If we stop, it stops a bunch of other companies too, ” says Beach.

Beach said that the 50 poles that work at the yard has gone straight into quarantine after they came to Norway. They live on two brakkerigger with restrictions on movement and hand hygiene. It will reduce care, ” says Beach.

– They come from a country with a strict regime so we ourselves also have, and they are fresh and fast, and do not imply any risks of infection in itself, ” he says.

BARRACKS: these barracks waiting for Polish workers to be finished with quarantine, before they can start working again at Fitjar Mek.

Photo: Ingvild Siglen Berger / Sunnhordland Will bring new workers,

Five people have been given proven infection in the municipality. Fitjar has three primary care physicians, of which two of them have already been in koronakarantene. This makes the local health care system is very fragile, told the mayor.

Verftsdirektør Beach believe that there is a greater chance that his foreign workers being infected by the local than vice versa. He will retrieve new 50 workers, in addition to the 50 that are now in quarantine.

So the situation is now, there is a greater chance that the poles that sit in quarantine for being exposed to the infection of Fitjar people than vice versa, ” says Beach.

DIRECTOR: Director Hugo Beach at Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted AS to say that they have cut down the number of people in the yard from 400 to 200.

– the Boats do not rot like strawberries

the Mayor Rydland acknowledges that the company is an important business for the municipality and the surrounding area, but believes that the Fitjar Mek. need to put the plot first.

– We have the most serious health situation globally for 100 years. I would encourage them to find other solutions, for the driver not with a criticism of society and production. They build good boats, but the boats do not rot like strawberries. They can use a longer period of time to build the boats, with slightly fewer people, ” says Rydland.

On the other hand, the responding Strand that they have taken down the number of people who work at the shipyard from 400 to 200 people.

MAYOR: Fitjar mayor Harald Rydland (KrF) is critical to Fitjar Mek. to bring in foreign workers in the middle of the koronakrisen.

Photo: NRK Millionunderskudd

The last available financial statements of Fitjar Mekaniske Verksted is from 2018. It shows that the company went with nok 13 million in losses that fiscal year. The year before they had above compared to 22.7 million in profit.

According to the director they will lose 10 million if they are three months overdue with a brønnbåt they are to build.

in Spite of reduced tax and national insurance contributions, fear the Beach for your company’s future. The government’s krisepakker covers not for this timillionerstapet, according to Beach.

questions from The debattleder Fredrik Solvang about the mayor’s fears for ettermælet her if the yard goes the doll, the black mayor avkreftende.

– It is an important business, but I fear not for ettermælet. I maintain life and health. Hugo and his company receives the use of these kriseordningene that the government puts in work now. To compensate for the disadvantages that have been drawn up, the black mayor Rydland.

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