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None of us will be helping to spread this infection, but there are no budget measures for the us. If this goes on long enough we must choose between personal or rent. No one will risk infection, but no one wants to be homeless, either, ” says the “Hannah” to NRK.

“Hannah” is not her real name, but on Twitter, she is known as HilsenHannah. She uses his account active, and has long distinguished himself as a champion of sexarbeideres rights in Norwegian working life.

Pressured to take clients they would otherwise not taken

the Government’s strengte measures affect the situation of her drastically. She was worried already when the first of the measures was known.

– I thought that the situation is catastrophic for us who sell sex. We can’t have a home office and keep the distance to others, and there are no solutions with permitteringer for us, ” she explains.

“Hannah” has worked as sexarbeider in a little over seven years and know that the measures the government has launched in order to safe jobs and businesses do not apply to her.

– People who sell sex are not recognized as workers, and therefore have no employment rights. I’m afraid. Both for myself and others. Some clients left immediately, and some of my colleagues were already then pressured to take clients they would otherwise not have taken, ” she says.

– How should it to remove the flyseteavgift help groups who are struggling the most in society, ask “Hannah”.

Photo: Jorunn Hatling / NRK Deals disappear

because of The care closed also Pro Centre – one of the hjelpetilbudene for people with prostitusjonserfaring. The same applied to Nadheim, the open house of the Church city mission for all who sell sex; and Natthjemmet, a akuttovernatting for women in substance abuse and prostitution.
Places where the homeless could stay disappeared over night. The same with places that had dining.

– stay home and wash your hands, it was the only thing I heard the first weekend. But the advice misses. It is not everyone who has a home to be in, and therefore no sink to use.

After strakstiltakene the government launched a “hjelpepakke” for the self-employed and forretningsaktører. It levitated on the taxes and fees, and pushed on innbetalingskrav.

– How should it to remove the flyseteavgift help us who are struggling the most in society? ask “Hannah”.

– For me, it was soon evident who really should be helped during this crisis – and who must fend for themselves, leggger she to.

No krisepakke to the weakest

Pro-the center’s director Bjørg I am not surprised that sex workers are even more vulnerable than they already are.

– There is no politicians who stand ready with a krisepakke to this group, as you do with other groups. Many experience to get fewer customers, so the earnings are low.

But they must still meet their basic needs and meet their financial obligations, which for many also means to send money to family in the homeland, points to the Led.

There are also difficult times for people who are resident in the Uk, even if they have the opportunity for assistance from Nav. The lack of base makes the support from Nav will not cover all ongoing expenses.

– When lavterskeltiltakene and services to this group also be reduced, as a result of the current situation, many more alone, vulnerable and taking bigger risks. From experience we know that some see themselves forced to sell services they would otherwise not have done, such as pictures, movies and tours without a condom, something that can be experienced as cross-border, and is risky.

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