Closed in the Netherlands due to quarantine brothels will once again begin to take customers from 1 July after a three-month “downtime”. That the permission to resume work is given to all areas involving physical contact, said at a press conference, Prime Minister mark Rutte.

the reopening of brothels in the Netherlands is ahead of schedule by two months. Initially, the government anticipated that the public house will resume receiving visitors since September 1.

As in the case of hairdressers and masseurs, who have been given permission to resume their activities, sex workers in mandatory it is recommended to check whether the clients symptoms COVID-19. And just to make sure that visitors are healthy, sex-women can begin their service.

“All very happy with the news that we are finally able again to open” – happily commented the Dutch news Agency ANP, the President of trade Union of workers of sex business in the district “red light district” of Amsterdam Felicia Anna. – We have no more money.”

Indeed, the pandemic has caused very sensitive, not to say disastrous, impact on the sex industry (and this applies not only to Nederland, but also in many other countries).

For the “priestesses of love” a ban on the usual activities are meant either to tighten the belt and spend all the savings, plunging into the quagmire of lack of money or illegally, at your own risk to customers.

Although the Dutch authorities have created the opportunity for emergency financial assistance to people suddenly without jobs because of the pandemic, in practice, many sex workers were denied the right to new grants due to issues with registration in the tax authorities even before the crisis, and some are being taken by illegal immigrants are afraid to apply.

Despite the fact that prostitution in the Netherlands is legal, many sex workers still prefer not to declare to the authorities about their savory profession. But many are working without all required to comply with the requirements of the law of licenses.

the plight of sex workers has to seek the assistance of a special Fund created by volunteers – there is the most desperate applicants can obtain 40 euros. But this is not enough.

Some girls to pay for housing, have to work in secret. However, this increases the vulnerability of prostitutes, who in these circumstances often run the risk of running into inappropriate, and sometimes dangerous customers and even become victims of trafficking. Even to go to the police if anything will fail given the illegal nature of such income.

Obviously, such considerations served as an additional argument to the decision of the government n�� to delay the resolution to the brothels to resume work.

the Dutch Government also announced that football stadiums can again open its doors to fans, but only subject to the mandatory distance of five feet between occupied places. Because of this rule, the stadiums will work on a third.

In the Netherlands there were about 50 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus and more than 6 thousand deaths.