The powerful gusts of wind have led to that several thousand customers have lost power in southern california. In the 13-time lacked clients in a variety of municipalities from Halden in the south to the suburban areas in the north of the stream.

– a Total of over ten thousand have been affected by outages from 12: 00 noon and beyond. In talking while there’s a 3175 customers who are strømløse, ” says head of communications Morten Schau in Hafslund to NRK shortly after at 17: 00.

He says most of the cuts have been in the former county of Østfold county.

In these koronatider people are extra vulnerable, you are sitting at home and have children and schoolchildren at home. Then it is extra difficult for people when power is lost.

Schau said they hope that all will have been given back the power into the evening Thursday. He asks people to report if they see lines that have fallen down on the ground.

If you see lines on the ground can result in life-threatening danger if one comes away in them.

Yellow farevarsel for heavy winds

In addition was missing almost 3.000 customers of electricity in the area of Skagerak Energi, showing their own map. The power disappeared after a tree fell over a power line in Revetal.

Norwegian Meteorological Institute has sent out yellow farevarsel for high winds in parts of Eastern norway and in Telemark.

In Sarpsborg has a passenger car collided in a tree that has fallen over the road 118. According to Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad has the car got great material damage as a result of the incident, but the driver is apparently uninjured.

– There have been quite a powerful wind already, and it’s going to continue throughout the afternoon and evening. In Sarpsborg, it has been up to 22 metres per second, and it is absolutely enough for both trees to tip over, and trampolines blowing away, says statsmeteorolog Martin Granrød.

He is asking people to be observant because of the gusts of wind.

Thousands without power

head of communications Morten Schau in Hafslund says to Aftenposten that it is “many mistakes” over large parts of the Eastern regions because of the wind, and that it is difficult to say something about when all these are fixed.

the Police in Oslo, writing on Twitter that they have received notification of a roof panel that has come loose in the wind and blown down in the street of Tollbugata.

“It is recommended to check the moorings on the boat and grill”, they write in another message.

In Brevik in Telemark, norway, discovered the police a sailboat that had worn out in the strong wind. Some volunteers in a boat rescued the drifting sailboat and tow it safely to a pier nearby.

We ask that people check the boats and loose items and take their security measures, type operasjonslederen in the South-East police district.

There are strong winds over large parts of Eastern norway. Here from Asmaløy on Hvaler in Østfold county on Thursday afternoon.

Photo: Ingrid Mathilde Langvik/NRK Will be more wind to the north of the country

Statsmeteorolog Bente Wahl has seen the weather will be during the afternoon and evening for the entire country. She says that the wind is worst in the South of Norway now, but that it’s going to be problems also further north in the country throughout the day.

– It has blown a storm, both on the coast and in the mountains in South Norway, especially from the Sognefjord and to the south. It is strong wind and storm. When it turns over to the northwest, so there’s less wind to the south of Stadt and the Dovre, but then it will increase with the wind in the northern highlands. Trøndelag and Møre and Romsdal will get increasing wind throughout the night, ” she says.

There will also be more powerful snow showers in several places in the country, especially in Møre and Romsdal county and the northern parts of Sogn and Fjordane.

– Where you can expect quite a lot of snow during the evening and night. When it comes to Troms and Finnmark, as they release mostly away from precipitation. In Nordland, there is still some snow here and there, and where the wind will also decrease to a fresh breeze during the evening.