Shortly before the cinepremiere channel “Russia 1” to set up a virtual press conference where the creators said about him. Part of the quotations given in the “RG”.

Anton Zlatopolsky, the General Director of TV channel “Russia 1” and the General producer of the series:

Photo: Released the first trailer for “Doctor Liza” Chulpan Khamatova

“In 2002, we began the adaptation of literary classics. The first was “the Idiot”. After have been a lot of adaptations, and at some point we decided that it was time classics of the XXI century. One of them you have already seen – is “the Storm” Alexey Ivanov, staged by Sergei Orascom. All we have is the “Abode” Zakhar Prilepin, where directed by Alexander Veledinsky. And now we present outstanding, in my opinion, the work is “zulaikha opens her eyes”…

… I always try to look at this result not only as a producer but also as a regular viewer. I think in the end we got an independent work, which is in close connection with the novel. I hope that from watching this series is perfect for both a wide audience, and intellectual…

…Initially we had planned the show debuted in the fall of 2020, but due to various production issues postponed the show in the spring. Such complex work requires perfectionism. Last month we spent on it to make titles that would fit the scale of the work. Designed and created a single work that is done. There were several versions, and in the final we achieved the desired emotions. The scope of the project required a significant budget, which exceeds traditionalion. And a special thanks to the Republic of Tatarstan: for them, this movie is a major national bestseller. Without their partnership it would make the picture unrealistic.”

Guzel Yakhina, author of the novel:

“When you write academic work, among others has the task to come up with the Dreamcast – the pick of the famous actors perfect performers for the main roles. Then my fantasies were not limited. My choice immediately fell on Chulpan Khamatova. Other candidates simply did not exist. It combines timidity and strength – two qualities that make up character Sulayhi. And she as a person has incredible purity, which is reflected in her eyes. To play is impossible. Miraculously, it so happened that she wanted to play this character. I’m very particular in the matter of acting, but I can say that this is one of the best roles of Chulpan. The dramatic arch of the character in the novel is enormous. This is preserved in the series. Silent Zuleikha in the first series and a strong, independent woman in the last like two different people.

Photo: Box set “Tchaikovsky-2020” brought together recordings of the symphonies and concertos composer

…For me it was very important that it was not just a melodramatic story of two people in the background with a sign reading “GULAG”. The film had heard the voice of a great history. In the first series called the numbers of the dispossessed. Also there’s a VoiceOver, which accompanies the viewer to the latest one. At the end you will know who it belongs to. For me, this narrator symbolizes the historical truth. Secondly, a high level of artistic solutions. Of course, it was a budget issue. But the concern that I saw in the eyes of the Director, ISPOnitely of the main roles, and all who were involved in the project did the trick.

…Spring for writing the novel was the story of my grandmother. Cannibalization is part of my family history. Grandma at the age of seven went to Siberia and came back 23-year-old girl. Those 16 years she spent at the settlement on the Bank of Angara, which was built exactly the same as it will be shown in the film. The village was called pit-Gorodok, the name is preserved in the film, it goes forth from the mouth of the heroes.

…Creating a historical frame of the novel, I relied on different documents. First, it was the works of Viktor Nikolaevich Zemsky, Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who all his life dealt with the settlers. Secondly, investigated different protocols of the OGPU, as well as read the memoirs of the dispossessed. But I didn’t want the novel became a history book, tried the historical facts to integrate into the artistic fabric of the work. For example, the episode when convicts being transported to Siberia, then train unfold, I want to bring back and then return to the original route, was taken from the memoirs. I worry about the historical part, as it was proof-read by experts and approved. In the film, too, complied with the conditions of historical truth”.

Egor Anashkin, Director:

“I think the main message of this film is to revive the human memory and to transfer this knowledge to new generations. It is necessary that people know and remember any of the pages of history.”

Chulpan Khamatova, actress:

“I had a long way to this book. I knew that the novel became a bestseller, but did not read it with them. When the wave of popularity of a little sleep, I read it and immediately realized that it was very cinematic statement, which should be filmed. I am grateful to Guzel for the fact that the novel raised many childhood memories. Reading first, especially the detailed part descriptions of the life, guidance Tatar names of various objects, I felt that I returned to myReva identification.

“Above the sky” – a drama of family relationships, a fractured

Ready to shoot, I read a lot, including disputes and accusations, in my opinion, quite rude and unfair. Everything fell into place when I decided to read the book written by my uncle. This is the story of our family, which was also expropriated. One of my aunt’s name was zulaikha, she was dispossessed peasant and endured a link. And then I realized that everyone has their own idea about collectivization, a single glance at the fate of many people can not be. The system is fragmented, and each case should be considered separately. After that I stopped to look at the attacks. Moreover, I realized that everyone – zulaikha. Each represents it in a different way.

…I had a strong internal argument with heroine. Her metamorphosis from an obedient dumb wife who can’t make their own decisions, to independent, wise, accountable women. I was given a difficult start, when it was necessary, on the one hand, to convey her child’s naivete, and the other is to show the woman who survived the death of four daughters and a difficult marriage. In the work on the way helped me a lot Guzel. When I something did not understand, she always spoke to me all the subtleties of character Sulayhi. I am grateful Guzel because she became a Trustee of the Fund “give life”. With the concept of Fund a film makes one promise: you will survive only if the will to help others. This for me is a story about people who thought about each other and helped. Today this is especially important.”

Julia Peresild, actress:

“My heroine Nastasya – woman revolution. I wish at the end it was clear that she is disappointed in the fanatical faith. We all tend to think – especially when thof course people who have a lot of energy, but then the story puts everything in its place and makes its decision. Zuleykha looks weak, and the result is a bold and deeply spiritual. And apparently strong and successful Nastassja is actually very weak. She can’t take that happiness she needs simple things. She wanted to love, but nobody taught that we cannot achieve this such crooked ways, what she was”.

Sergei Makovetsky, actor:

“the book about my character just says “he’s in the egg”. But you’re not going to head the egg to wear! It was important for me to understand, what is this “egg” because he’s not crazy man, he sees and hears, and in the distance can bring a completely correct diagnosis. But some things his mind just repels. Friends the psychiatrists told me that this is called derealization. …I suggested the costume: and let us make different buttons on his coat? What was his maid Grunya under the hand, so she sewed her all the same! And here’s a Label different buttons, sleeve shirt sewn terrible thread, and it is to do so is, if everything is perfect. For him there is this harsh thread, for it is the cufflinks. He even asks the St to help him, and she walks over and pretends to help.”

Evgeny Morozov, actor:

“Sometimes it was like a good documentary. It was impossible to lie either in a single take. In this novel subtly spelled out male and female relationships. I read and cried. There is so much tenderness that we not allow ourselves. It is easier for us to commit follies! I’m glad zulaikha opens the eyes of my hero Ignatov, because he is under-loved boy who got trapped.”

what movie?

Zuleikha (Chulpan Khamatova), a little fragile woman, lived in the 30-ies of the last century in the village of Ulbach, working hard and trying to please her husband Murtaza (Ramil Sabitov) and mother-in-law Operae (Roza Khairullina). But her world collapsed under the pressure of revolutionary storms. UBivaut husband Salahi, and she herself, along with hundreds of other settlers are sent by hard route to Siberia. In exile she met people with whom I would never have encountered in everyday life. Brilliant and half-mad doctor Leibe (Sergei Makovetsky), a disgraced scientist from St. Petersburg Konstantin Braverman (Alexander Sirin) and his elegant wife Isabella (Elena Shevchenko), violent con Gorelov (Alexander Bashirov), and a talented artist Ikonnikov (Dmitry Kulichkov) become satellites Sulayhi for years to come and open her life to an unknown party.

Photo: Alexander Robak and Anna Mikhalkova work “on remote”

Watching the exiled the commandant Ivan Ignatov (Evgeny Morozov). Hero of the Civil war, Ignatov bloody way is to build a “happy state”, but gradually the responsibility for the lives of dozens of people makes it, as well as Zulayho, to open their eyes and reconsider their principles. Among those who one way or another changed the lives of Salahi – and obsessed with the revolution and the search for love, desperate Nastasia (Julia Peresild), and a cynical employee of the GPU Zinovy Blacksmith (Roman Madyanov). For years a handful of not like each other is in a deep thicket, hundreds of miles from civilization. In inhuman conditions to remain human and to preserve the dignity, not only to survive but also to find true love? The main character understood that in order to survive and to love, need to be able to forgive.

What book?

the novel Guzel Agenoy “zulaikha opens his eyes” was first published in 2015 and has produced a bombshell. The novel instantly became a bestseller, won the prestigious literary prize “Big book”, “book of the year” and “Yasnaya Polyana”. The book is “zulaikha opens his eyes” moved toena for 34 languages, including Braille. The actors said about the literary source with gratitude and admiration. So, Chulpan Khamatova called the novel “a great event in Russian literature”, and Julia Peresild compared the style of this book is Agenoy of the cult novel by Valentin Rasputin “Farewell to Matyora”. Actor Roman Madyanov admitted: “we All long for a good script and good literature. As soon as there is something worth reading and implementing, artists react instantly. And it’s great!”