Just one day arrested the former Governor of Khabarovsk territory Sergey Furgal has received 39 packages. In the entire history of the SIZO “Lefortovo” this number is not sent to any prisoner. At the same time from hundreds or even thousands of telegrams and letters not come to any one. Correspondence the law is censored, but it is unlikely each and every letter was a “secret investigation.” And how to know the mystery of the ordinary people? Such that “blocked” all correspondence, in the strictest insulator was not there.

Furgala all it is own explanation. And he talks about a new cellmate and the secret of the power of the spirit.

Browser “MK”, a member of the PMC of Moscow examined the conditions of detention of the former Governor in “Lefortovo”.

“Lefortovo” governors will not surprise. There sat the head of the Komi Republic Vyacheslav Gaizer, Governor of the Sakhalin region Alexander Khoroshavin, head of the Mari El Republic Leonid Markelov, Governor of Kirov region Nikita Belykh. Your humble servant as a member of the PMC communicated with each, and each had their problems behind bars

the inhabitants of the regions which they were headed, wrote someone more (Gaizer, for example), some are less (the prizes). Packages and money were sent to almost anyone – the tea, not poor people. And all these heads of regions sat on corruption charges. And here Furgal with its purely “killer” of the 105th article of the criminal code.

the First week unknown people with different numbers called in a call center detention center every five minutes with questions like: “How’s Furgala? How is Sergei Ivanovich?”. The staff even decided what is trolling and so are the provocateurs. But then I, as a member of the PMC, every day began to call and write to hundreds of people, worried about everything: whether Furgala money for the account, not beat it, what he eats, etc.

to Contact the PMC, by law, can be anyone, not necessarily a relative. And we need to respond to every such appeal as they did. So Furgal was from the beginning in the area of public control.

Last week people were concerned, why Furgal is not responding to anyone. People began to send receipts confirming that they sent the parcels, telegrams and registered letters. Often all this was accompanied by touching stories, why they decided to help in General alien to them. Ask him, whether the reach of people’s parcels and letters, we recently failed, and whenever we came, Furgala was taken away for investigation. And July 29 we finally found him. Already before our leaving the district nine in the evening he was back in his cell. And here he is in front of us, smiling:

– Thank you for not forget.

the prison officials traditionally say that questions and answers should not even KOstively to touch a criminal case.

so many requests in the POC was not in the entire history of social control…

– I did not expect such support.

– Sending reach?

– Yes, I received many parcels. Send everything – from food to wool socks. One parcel consisted of 28 books, but they won’t take – back (and I was just notified). But someone sent a Bible by a bookstore chain, it promised to give.

Tell him to not to send any more boilers and combs – I have them now so that all prisoners will be enough (laughs). I got everything now. I am very grateful people! Tell all love and respect. I wish I could each of you say.

– And letters and telegrams?

received – Not a single one. As I understand it, the prison censor all dispatches investigator, why he holds them. I’m afraid it would not have happened, as in the song Vysotsky: “A pile of medicines in the toilet who is not a fool.”

I Hope that will not throw.

And none of my writing has gone nowhere. Bring me the protocols, which says that all seized and transferred to the UK. Although it is not clear what is forbidden, for example, in a telegram addressed to his wife. There are about the words: “Hey, why are you silent? Is all well?”

I’m not complaining, in principle, in this life are not accustomed to complain. I’m just stating a fact. And I say this so that people do not think that I purposely did not answer.

TV work?

Yes, and the news there is about Khabarovsk is. But all in the spirit of: “the New Governor began his duties”. Accidentally found out (not from TV) that the Cord, it appears, was in Khabarovsk.

– How do you camera?

they changed Me to another. And since yesterday I have a neighbor.

– do Not conflict with him?

I’m generally non-confrontational. Know all sides to bring to a common denominator. With the cellmate was lucky. I was pleasantly surprised. It is erudite, interesting person (sorry, his name can not be named). The camera on the South side, stuffy, but in itself it is good. I sleep fine, never dream. Here the aura of this – it enlightens.

– okay.

” Yes!” Maybe it’s good that all this happened to me in such a situation, it becomes apparent who is what really.

– And how do you feel?

Today was in one place (you know what, but to call it impossible). There for me (you know who) said I was fragile. But there was a weight of 32 kg. I grabbed her and lifted three times by hand. He was very surprised.

– Mood, I see, you are good!

I amaze myself in many ways. Where the power of the spirit, of the will? Everything is given from above.

– I filled up the letters with the question: “do Not poison him in the jail?”

– Calm down everyone. I will not be bullied and will not. Neither in the literal nor in a figurative sense. Everything will be okayroscio.

Things you all did?

– Yes, now I have two whole tracksuit. Seem normal.

– And the money people send to the account?

– Yes, and for that many thanks. They will be useful. I’m not a rich man. And all my accounts blocked.

“This does not apply to the detention conditions! We will now interrupt the conversation,” said the employee.

-In General everything, tell anyone who appeals to you. People kowtow to me, – concluded Sergey Furgal.

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