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Italy is the country in the world with the highest number of deaths as a result of the covid-19-disease. In total, over 15,000 people lost their lives.

the Lombardy region is considered the epicenter for koronautbruddet in Italy. The reporter recently visited hospitals in the region, and describes a desperate shortage of medicine, equipment and health care professionals.

Hit the government has now decided to send a crisis team with the medical staff, consisting of 22 people from Norway.

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the Leader of the team and the minister for health replies directly in the News:

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the Decision is a response to a request that came from Italy on Tuesday, informs the ministry of Health to NRK.

Helseteamet will be led by Johnny Rosenvinge, to-day is the inspector in the civil defense in the county of Hordaland. The team consists of 19 physicians and nurses, as well as three logistikkmedarbeidere. These should have volunteered.

Several of the norwegians have experience from similar work under ebolautbruddet in Central Africa in 2018, and meslingutbruddet in Samoa in 2019.

the Team will assist the local health care system in the Lombardy region, is likely to Bergamo, in the four weeks. People from Norway should be self-contained, with smittevernutstyr and some medical equipment, informs the ministry.

– On top of the crisis

Almost 90.000 people are “actively infected” in Italy, and approximately 4000 of these, the condition is critical, according to figures from the worldometers.

Italy is on top of the crisis, and the High, mean therefore that it is correct that Norway assists the Italy now. He believes we must be in solidarity and help each other in the situation that the world is in now. Norway has already had the help of Europe, and will also need help ahead, type a communications advisor, Alexandra R. Tufteland in the Health and care services in an e-mail to NRK.

Should not weaken the Norwegian emergency preparedness

the ministry of Health informs that it is a condition of entry that intensivkapasiteten at Norwegian hospitals do not deteriorate. The team consists of employees from different parts of the country.

– Load on each individual hospital is therefore small, while the value of this team will be of great importance in Italy, type Tufteland.

It is the Directorate for civil protection and preparedness (DSB), which has responsibility team, in cooperation with the ministry of Health. The EMT team is a part of a contingency scheme that the Uk can offer to international crisis management.

Traveling probably Tuesday

the Team normally has a separate field hospital, but it should not be relevant now. Instead, the Norwegian contribution assist in directly at the Italian hospital.

NRK get informed that the Norwegian employees expect to work in parallel with the Italian health care provider in a week, before one should be able to work independently, probably with an interpreter.

the Plan is that the Norwegian doctors and nurses traveling to Italy on Tuesday.

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