In the Ukrainian capital a new high-profile incident. Colonel of justice Roman Zakladny, regularly went on business trips to warring Donbass, was found dead on the street the Jordan. Today, July 15, the officer had to retire. Tragedy too obviously disguised as a robbery or “bullies” to sophisticated in such incidents Kiev unconditionally accepted the police version.

Senior investigator for particularly important cases of the Main investigation Department of the SBU, as a number of other colleagues, over the past few years were mainly involved in the investigation of cases under treason and crimes committed in the area of so-called ATO. A number of information resources DNR in this regard has hinted at a “too deep knowledge” Laying on some well-known Ukrainian politicians, and the commanders of the volunteer battalions.

the man first found the girl and the guy walking down the Obolon district. The dead man didn’t have shoes, the pockets of his trousers were turned out. Usually Zakladny always had two mobile phones and a gun in trauma. Such details usually indicate a robbery. If not for the lack of shoes. In Kiev, she is not scarce. Criminals overdone, camouflaging probable murder for his professional activities under the “domestics”.

the Coroner, who examined the body Laying, concluded the officer died from a severe blow to the head. Bleeding in the brain could occur due to fall on a place of detection of a corpse the grass grows, the land is neat and tidy and relatively new, razryhlenija.

A witness testified: at about 23.30 he was returning from a convenience store and saw a man lying snoring. Do not take the Colonel out of the ordinary profligate, perhaps the officer could have been saved.

the House in which he lived affair Zakladny, is about 3 kilometers from the place where he was supposedly killed. Distance to the metro station “Obolon”, where possible, the investigator of SBU came out with a purpose to meet a source about 700 meters. The road goes past the aforementioned grocery store. Attack the man theoretically could have some junkie who was waiting for mates between drunken customers.

It was a “leak” of resonant murder draws the attention of the public brother of the famous Ukrainian pop singer Anastasia Prikhodko. “National concerns” users of social networks have amicably shared the narrow-minded considerations Nazar Prikhodko. “It’s a sieve for some, and not DHS, — is indignant g-n Prihodko, Service is no longer able to protect their own employees entrusted with such important things!..”.

Recalling the blown up 3 years ago in Mariupol regiment��unique SBU Alexander Kharaberyush, died 27 June 2017 under similar circumstances in the Constantine district of Donetsk region the Colonel of the counterintelligence Yuri Vosnom and exploded in Kiev on the same day (!) the Colonel of the Main Directorate of military intelligence Ministry of defense Maxim Shapoval, nationalist lamenting about the “impotence” of the current Chairman of the SBU, a personal friend of Vladimir Zelensky Ivan Bakanova.