One of the most anticipated moments of a military parade in Moscow on 24 June, on the occasion of the anniversary of the Victory, was the passage of the old military equipment. For the first time since the summer of 1945 on red square has passed such a large number of T-34 tanks. But, alas, all of these track veterans to the battles of the great Patriotic had nothing to do.

In numerous announcements of the upcoming parade could sometimes read or hear such phrases as: “In red square in 1945, will be the military technique of Victory – the one that participated in the battles of the great Patriotic…”

Indeed, acriva historical part of the parade, on the pavement in front of a large audience in front of the highest leaders of the country in the parade marched retro-battalion of the 1st guards tank red banner army tanks T-34-85.

However, none of these armoured fighting vehicles against the Nazis fought. Shown on parade “thirty” does not “remember” the war, since “born” they are much later – in the 1950s And not in the USSR.

Unique in these times military equipment was able to take a year and a half ago in Laos. In the army of this country the tanks of the mid last century were in service until the beginning of the present century. In the winter of 2019 for all media outlets big news: during his visit to Laos defense Minister Sergei Shoigu have agreed to an unusual “barter”: Laotians give us 30 surviving T-34, and in return receive a few more modern (though still – Soviet) T-72 tanks and three training aircraft Yak-130.

it Was, I remember, a lot of reports about how these “thirty four” was carried from Vladivostok, where they were taken by sea across the country on the TRANS-Siberian railway, as was solemnly welcomed at the territory of military unit in the suburbs.

on the basis of photos and video footage are in the media, connoisseurs of the old tanks were able to conclude that “thirty” is not quite “right” – not wartime.

that said, for example, the correspondent of “MK” in short comments known specialist on the history of Soviet armored Maxim Kolomiets: “Judging by what happened to see the TV reports about the transport of these tanks, at least a few machines – the ones that hit the frame, – in Czechoslovakia. Our allies in the socialist camp, having received a license, collecting such tanks until the end of the 1950s.”

Managed to learn that shortly after the war, the design of the legendary tank T-34 was considered outdated. The license for their production in the summer of 1949 was sold to Czechoslovakia. By the end of 1951 to the Union of the USSR sotsgosudarstvo was established masovogo edition of “thirty.” They were collected at two sites: on the CKD factory in the Czech Republic and at the factory in Martin (SLawake). In total up to 1956 it collected more than 2700 of these combat vehicles. Almost half of them exported to developing countries friendly to the socialist bloc.

But back to Lao tanks. The new owner – the Ministry of defense of Russia, soon started repair arrived from the far South of the country military rarities. This “Oldies” was sent to bum – at the 61st armored plant. There, specialists each tank dismantled, replaced damaged and worn parts new, rebuilt. During this process, came confirmation of Czechoslovak origin “thirty”: the factory workers found the appropriate marking on the inside of the housings of the machines themselves and otdelnyh nodes, aggregates.

When performing repairs it turned out yet another circumstance. It became clear that a vigorous information about Laotians, until recently, supported these tanks “on the go”, to put it mildly, contains an exaggeration. Proof – interview with one of the managers of the plant, this news Agency: “…the car is already about 70 years, it is clear that they have long been exploited… what we see inside, says about their condition: examining the machine, we find almost every bird’s nest, and in the tanks – mouse…” In total repair of these 30 retro tanks took two and a half months.

the Experts”tankoviy” explained the correspondent of “MK” for some external signs to distinguish the “Czechoslovak” “thirty” from the “natural” domestic. – More smooth the surface of the towers (our T-34 wartime the quality of the castings was worse: affected permanent overwhelmed with the execution of orders for deliveries of large quantities of tanks). Characteristic sharp junction of the frontal armor plates, between which there is a steel beam provided for in the “native” structure. Yet Chekhov exhaust pipe is located behind guarded characteristic of the species. And the most obvious difference is mounted on the frontal armor of the hull, with twin headlights (normal and infrared) covered by a grid protective fencing. In the domestic the “thirty” was not such.

However, this last clue, outstanding foreign origin retro tanks at their repair was removed. So the layman will notice that the red square has passed “Czech” post-war years was very difficult.

of Course, even better would be if it would be possible to participate in the Victory Parade use real T-34 that participated in the war. But where do you find 3 dozen of good, reliable on-the-go veterans? According to information obtained from experts interested in the topic of “tank hill”, now in the arsenals remained only a few such machines. 4-5 restored to running conditiia “the thirty” are in private museums. The majority of those T-34, which are installed in cities and towns as monuments are only empty body.

Say, immediately after the war there was a proposal to retain a sufficient number of our tanks directly involved in the war, to use them later in the parade, in the film (with a similar “cinematic” purpose it was proposed to preserve and dozens of captured German tanks). However, high courts have considered this idea too expensive.

Because today and there was an acute shortage of armored vehicles of the great Patriotic war. Well, at least the Lao comrades, we helped him at least partially eliminated.

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