Contrary to the Russian assessment, the federal government does not assume that one of the two tubes of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline is still intact after the September explosions. “It is very likely that the act of sabotage with strong explosions had a negative impact on both pipeline strands and that the basic technical availability is therefore no longer given,” said the federal government in response to a parliamentary question from AfD parliamentary group leader Leif-Erik Holm . In addition, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has not received the certification required for its operation anyway and will still not be able to go into operation.

It seems to him “as if one were hoping at the traffic light that the issue of gas deliveries via Nord Stream was dealt with by the attacks,” said AfD MP Holm. His party advocates commissioning Nord Stream 2 and rejects the course of the federal government, which wants to become independent of Russian gas supplies in response to the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine.

At the end of September, four leaks in the gas pipelines Nord Stream 1 and 2 were discovered after explosions near the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm, two of them in the exclusive economic zones of Denmark and Sweden.

Two weeks ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin offered gas supplies through what he said was still an operational stretch of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. “You just have to turn on the tap,” he said at the Russian Energy Week in Moscow. The tube was probably not so damaged that it can no longer be used.

Israel has been heavily criticized in recent days. The government is accused of not providing sufficient support to Ukraine. The Israeli President now explained his country’s strategy to CNN.

Russian veterans from Afghanistan, Chechnya and Ukraine are said to have written a guide with their experiences for recruits in the Ukraine war. The handbook is to be distributed to soldiers before they go to the front, reports say. The chapters range from war propaganda to cooking recipes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin needs his military elite for the war in Ukraine. But two men gain more and more power. The “Siloviki” Yevgeny Prigozhin and Ramzan Kadyrov corner the President.