With Bernie Sanders’ departure has paved the way for Joe Biden to formally become the Democratic presidential nominee.

Senator Bernie Sanders sets his campaign and abandon to be the Democratic presidential candidate in the U.S. elections in november.

he affirms in a statement early Wednesday evening Danish time.

– But even if the campaign ends, the struggle continues for justice, he stresses on the Twitter.

With Sanders’ exit has paved the way for former vice president Joe Biden, formally nominated as the Democratic presidential nominee.

-I congratulate Joe Biden, a very honorable man, as I will work with, ” says Sanders in a video message posted on his website.

– Vice president Biden will be the nominee. Together we will continue towards to beat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in US history, says Sanders.

Biden is now the sole remaining democratic candidate in the field on over 20 aspiring politicians who originally posed.

He will be formally nominated as his party’s candidate at the Democratic national convention later in the year. According to plan it should take place in July, but it is expected to be postponed due to coronaudbruddet.

The nominated candidate must try to win the presidential elections on 3. november, where he is up against the incumbent president, republican Donald Trump.

Biden won a number of primaries in march, and thus has the most delegates. It is them that at a national convention later in the year, shall appoint The Democratic Party’s presidential candidate.

Biden has the backing of 1217 delegates, while Sanders has 914.

to this must be added the so-called superdelegerede, taking part of america, and as the large majority are expected to back Biden up.

It requires the backing of 1991 delegates to win the nomination.