Ellingsen died on Sunday, informs the son of Eystein Ellingsen to NTB.

He has written the text yourself, or reinterpreted, 58 of the 899 hymns in the salmeboka. It makes him the hymn writer with the highest number of hymns in the book.

the Hymns of his are represented in salmebøker in all the nordic countries, in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the united STATES.

crown princess Mette-Marit together with Svein Ellingsen in Dypvåg church in connection with the Litteraturtoget 2017.

Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB scanpix award-winning poet and artist

Ellingsen was trained as a painter, and specialized in so-called gouache-painting in small formats. Ellingsen participated at the autumn exhibition several times.

the Artist was raised in Kongsberg, norway, but lived much of his life on the Saltrød in Arendal.

He received the Aust-Agder county culture 1977, and in 1995 he was made a knight of 1. class of the St. Olav’s Order.

In 2009, he was honored with the Petter Dass prize for having put the christian faith on the agenda in a down-to-earth and folksy way. “Svein Ellingsen is a distinctive salmedikter. Of the grace of God”, was called it in the reason.

Svein Ellingsen at the end of the 1960s.

Photo: private

on the occasion Of the Ellingsens 90-th birthday, last fall, arranged Agder and Telemark, norway, the diocese of a large-scale festmarkering in Trefoldighetskirken in Arendal.

Wrote the country’s most popular hymn

The now deceased hymn writer is behind one of the country’s most popular dåpssalmer,”Filled with the joy of life under”. The tune is composed by Egil Hovland, and the text is about the importance of it to be baptized.

There are many, however, do not know is that this hymn conceals a dramatic family history. In 1996 lost Ellingsen his eldest daughter, Margrethe, in a traffic accident.

the Text was written in the span between the grief and the missing after her daughter and the joy that a new child was on the way. Ellingsen let’s not hide how much the death had affected him.

– It has affected very much, I have written very many sorgsalmer and also in the hymns that are not about grief, there is an undercurrent of the experience, ” explained Svein Ellingsen to NRK, back in 2014.

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Hymn is sung also in the other nordic countries, in addition to Germany and the united STATES.

Ellingsens hymns, along with the rest of the psalm in salmeboka, was sung in slow-tv-it could “Salmeboka minute by minute”.

HAS the MOST HYMNS IN SALMEBOKA: Svein Ellingsen has previously stated that he was glad that the pain of losing her daughter, was to the hymns.

Photo: Per Ole Lindhjem / NRK