Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey, Alexei erchov in an interview with the newspaper “Izvestia” warned Russian tourists about the conditions and rules that they must abide by during the holidays to Turkish resorts on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

He noted that Turkey continues to commit every day thousands of new cases of infection, so in most Turkish cities the wearing of medical masks is mandatory. Failure to observe this restriction is valid a fine of 900 YTL (about 9300 rubles). In addition, the Russians need to buy the extended insurance, which would cover the costs of medical services in case of infection with coronavirus.

erkhov said that the Embassy has published recommendations for entering Turkey tourists about what sequence of actions provided by the Turkish authorities in various situations. In particular, they suggest that “the function of observation assigned to the hotels where a tourist on a paid package tour”. The hotels undertake to pay all the expenses for accommodation and meals insulated camper for 14-day quarantine, the diplomat added.

however, the Ambassador drew attention to the fact that “it is not clear who will pay for a return ticket in case of involuntary stay in quarantine (not hospitalization) longer than planned stay. In the case of hospitalization, these costs are borne by the insurance company”.

Earlier, the Russian tourists are told about the security measures against vacationing in Turkey during a pandemic coronavirus. Guide Rayhan Golhisar noted that in the resorts strictly enforce restrictions: tourists measure the temperature in public places and remind you to wear masks and disinfect their hands.

Russia resumed air communication with Turkey on 1 August. From August 10 to back Charter flights to the resort town of Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman. According to the latest data, the country was more than 243 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Recovered 224,9 thousands of people, more than 5.8 thousand died due to the virus-caused illness.