Russian scientist announced the revival of ancient viruses due to the melting permafrost

Candidate of biological Sciences, head of laboratory of ecology of viruses of SIC fundamental and translational medicine Cyril Ershov told RT about viruses that overcome cross-species barriers, and can be transferred from animals and insects to humans. In his opinion, such diseases in the future will represent for humanity a serious threat.

And there is a hypothesis that with global warming, melting glaciers and permafrost “thaw” ancient viruses, said Shirshov. But now it is urgent to talk about the coronavirus Covid-19. It is possible that the outbreak of the coronavirus was before, but because of the developed test systems humanity is almost not noticed.

There are viruses that exist in animals, but to humans they are not dangerous. For example that causes bronchitis in chickens. But there are other respiratory viruses of animals and can be transmitted to humans. Dangerous rabies and tick-borne encephalitis. But to transfer them need a bite, besides, humanity has developed vaccines against these diseases.

Now becoming more and more actual there are viruses that are carried by insects in a tropical climate, but with global warming they move in a more Northern latitude. “For example, West Nile virus, various strains of malaria that invades our latitude with the proliferation of mosquitoes,” – said Shirshov.