Russian museums entice virtual visitors

The Museum of Victory offers to “wander” in the diorama on the battle of Stalingrad

the Museum of Victory, located on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow, opened the virtual doors to those who are in isolation. On the Museum’s website and official YouTube channel has a new virtual program about the battle of Stalingrad. Online visitors will tell you about one of the largest battles of the great Patriotic war through the prism of the works of battle-painters.

Photo: iStock Russian Museum has launched an online lecture

the First time you can “walk” on the diorama and take a closer look at the details that usually escape the eyes of ordinary visitors to the Museum and learn the interesting history of the seemingly insignificant items.

At the end of the virtual tour the visitor will offer to answer questions. The most attentive and active Museum promises gifts.

the Ancient fortress of Derbent invites you to the first virtual tour

Derbent state historical-architectural and art Museum-reserve which includes an ancient fortress Naryn-Kala organized the first online tour on YouTube channel.

the three-minute film-the exhibition “History of Derbent in the paintings” tell the amazing story of a fortress built in one of the oldest cities in Russia. In 2015 Derbent celebrated its 2000th anniversary.

“every situation we need to find something positive. You can relax on the sofa with a Cup of coffee or tea and see our exhibition,” invites visitors of the Derbent Museum.

Pushkin Museum brought characters in the movie the social media accounts

State Museum of fine arts. Pushkin decided not to limit virtual tours, and brought the heroes of famous paintings of the accounts in the popular social networks “Vkontakte” and Instagram. Authors pthe project began students programs Pushkin.Youth.

As the St. Petersburg museums and theaters are embracing online technology

“We made the characters from the picture gallery of the Museum pages on social networks. They now have their profiles in Vkontakte and Instagram, they live an active social life – the Dutch quarrel with the Flemings, ladies with Renoir discussing the Eiffel tower, the heroes Tintoretto, and Cranach respond to the contemporary political situation, and the old woman Rembrandt shares recipes of Dutch cuisine”, – told TASS about the project head of “Pushkin.Youth” Natasha Gomberg.

So, your profile got Adrian Stevens, the hero of a portrait of van Dyck. The authors of the project has supplemented his biography with interesting details and imagined, in whatever groups he could be and the posts which repost.

In scheduled for 5 APR online promotions Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkin “I’ll show you the Museum,” the Museum’s exhibits with their accounts will take the most active part.

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on this day In 1853, was born a Dutch post-impressionist artist Vincent van Gogh. A Dutchman by birth, van Gogh a significant part of his life spent in France. Not received systematic art education and has not had a permanent teacher, van Gogh changed many professions before finally confirmed in his decision to become an artist: “I will stay a dog, I’m poor, but I am an artist!”. His career — the dramatic history of finding their own artistic language. Before his death van Gogh had every right to say: “well, I paid with his life for his work, and it cost me half my mind.” It is no coincidence that Alexander Benois called this great artist “Martyr idea.” In 1888 the first meeting of the artist with the Mediterranean sea when he is on the coach, drive through the swamps of the Camargue, found himself in the fishing village of Sainte-Marie. The artist fell in love and the changing color of the sea and the colourful boats, the fragility and artificiality which he particularly noted. New experiences have inspired the painter: during your stay in Sainte-Marie, which lasted about five days, he has completed three oil paintings and nine drawings. Integrity emotional distress motif is best embodied in the painting “the Sea at Saintes-Maries”, written in relief brush strokes is likely in the open air on the windy coast. Vincent van Gogh. Sea in Saintes-Maries. 1888

Publish from the Pushkin Museum. A. S. Pushkina (@theartsmuseum) 30 Mar 2020 at 3:25 PDT