The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova issued a statement. She said that the Russian depodesta turned to Washington with a request to release from jail prisoners who are citizens of Russia. The reason for this decision was the outbreak of coronavirus.

a large-Scale outbreak of the disease among prisoners, as we understand can happen at any moment and honestly question their fate we put in front of the American party now in this daily routine. And appeal again to the authorities as soon as possible to release on humanitarian grounds and Bogdan Osipov and Konstantin Yaroshenko, as well as all Russians, who are in the country under investigation or sentenced there to prison, — said Zakharov.

Also, the Russian foreign Ministry alarmed by the information about the detection of a coronavirus from a prisoner in jail, “Danbury”, which concluded Osipova and Yaroshenko. Depodesta has already sent the state Department a letter requesting the conduct of their examination.

Wrote the authorities of new York decided to release 300 prisoners from jails amid coronavirus. We are talking about those who have committed minor crimes.