Information for the US state Department about the interception by the authorities of Malta party of the “fake” Libyan dinars made by the Russian company, is not true. This was stated by the Russian foreign Ministry, noting that the contract for the printing of Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between Goznaka and head of the Central Bank of Libya. While the foreign Ministry recalled that the African country lives under dual power and there are two of the Central Bank.

The Russian foreign Ministry responded to the U.S. statement that the government of Malta confiscated a batch of allegedly fake Libyan dinars made by Russian Goznak. The Russian Ministry said that the statements of Washington are not true.

Previously on the website of the US state Department released a statement that the government of Malta intercepted a shipment of allegedly counterfeit Libyan dinars. The total amount of banknotes in terms of American currency amounted to $1.1 billion.

The statement said that the order for printing money allegedly came from “a parallel illegal organization” and not the Libyan Central Bank in Tripoli, while the money was being printed by Goznak.

In the state Department claim that “the influx of counterfeit of the Libyan currency printed in Russia, in recent years has exacerbated the economic problems of Libya.”

“This incident underlines once again that Russia should cease its harmful and destabilizing actions in Libya,” — said in the state Department.

Commenting on such statements American side, the Russian foreign Ministry noted that the contract for the printing of Libyan dinars was signed in 2015 between JSC “Gosznak” and the head of the Central Bank of Libya approved by the chamber of deputies (the Parliament of Libya. — RT). After that the Libyan side had made the necessary prepayment.

“In the performance of its contractual obligations, the Russian organization sent a letter to the Central Bank in the city of Tobruk shipment of Libyan banknotes printed. While we believe that these funds are necessary to maintain stable functioning of the entire Libyan economy”, — explained in Department.

The Russian foreign Ministry also reminded that in terms of actual power in Libya at the moment there are two Central banks.

“Thus, the false are not Libyan dinars, and the American Declaration. Russia consistently advocates the alternative of a political settlement in the framework of a broad dialogue mezhliviysky, strict compliance with the international community’s decisions on the Libyan issue”, — concluded the Agency.

Recall, the crisis in Libya began in 2011 after the overthrow and killing of Muammar Gaddafi, whose regime has actually acted in page��not about 40 years. After his fall in Libya’s two rival center of power. In the North-East of the country has an interim government headed by Abdullah al-Thani, appointed by the Parliament in Tobruk. It is based on the Libyan national army led by Khalifa the Haftarot. In the North-West, in Tripoli, there is a national consensus government, headed by Faiz Barragem.

Russia together with other countries in favour of resolving the situation in Libya. In particular, in January in Berlin hosted an international conference devoted to this issue. According to the foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Lavrov, the event was useful, but the differences between the parties to Libyan conflict remain. In the final communiqué the two sides confirmed their commitment to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Libya. World leaders also urged to maintain the ban on arms sales to the country and stated the need to guarantee the security of oil installations.

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir Jabbarov in conversation with RT called the statement of the American side “a pure fake”.

“I don’t know who it encourages the Maltese authorities. Does Russia do nothing more? Who needs a fake Libyan money? There are already almost nonexistent state. What is the point to destabilize the situation there if it is already destabilized. Russian authorities would not allow such Goznak” — he said.

The Senator stressed that such statements are a provocation, which has nothing to do with politics of Russia.

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Alexei chepa in an interview with RT said that such charges must not be set without providing evidence.

“the Normal policy may not come to mind to accuse someone of something without proof. But Americans, as always, not going to prove anything”, — concluded the Deputy.