Published in the United States abstract to the open version of “Military space strategy” confirms the aggressive thrust of Washington’s policy in the space sector, said the Russian foreign Ministry.

In comments published on the Ministry’s website, said that the us considers outer space as an arena for warfare.

However, as stressed in the foreign Ministry, “Washington resorted to the usual tactics of blaming others”.

“our American colleagues say about Russian and Chinese “the greatest strategic threats” in space, of course, not bothering to give any evidence. (…) Do not stop a direct distortion of the facts, suggesting to the world community and the American public that Moscow and Beijing are allegedly “weaponizing” space. Referenced without specifying the installation of Russia’s Military doctrine 2014, as a factor that contributed to the transformation of space in the “arena of warfare,” – said in comments.

The foreign Ministry stressed that the Military doctrine of Russia it is “about counteraction to attempts by individual States to achieve military superiority through the deployment of weapons in outer space, the conclusion of an international Treaty to prevent this, as well as on the harmonization within the UN framework elements of the regulatory safe conduct of outer space activities”.

The tasks of the Russian Armed forces in the cosmos are exclusively defensive in nature. Russia gives priority to the use and exploration of outer space exclusively for peaceful purposes, prevention of an arms race in outer space, said the Agency.

The Russian foreign Ministry urged Washington to take a responsible attitude and not to provoke another increase of tension and the arms race. The Ministry also proposed to start full-fledged Russian-American dialogue on issues of security of space activities.

In December 2019, as reported by “the Rambler”, the US President, Donald trump declared that the country was created by Cosmic forces. In March it became known that the Cosmic forces of the United States got the first offensive weapon — protivokorrozionnoi system (Counter Communications System, CCS) Block 10.2.

The Russian foreign Ministry has called the prospect of deployment of us weapons in orbit “threat scenario” and stressed that Russia will oppose such a development.