In Ukraine “to replace the regime Poroshenko came mode Zelensky”, said Ukrainian political party “Opposition platform For life”.

As indicated in the statement on the website of the party mode “Zelensky” showed themselves as “unprincipled, cynical, manipulative and frankly anti-national” and “run to full capacity advocacy-repressive machine cave Russophobia and jingoistic radicalism.

President Vladimir Zelensky was accused of “cowardice and lack of integrity”. According to the party, he supported sanctions against Russian social media for the sake of “the praise of Poroshenko.” The sanctions against the Russian media, “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” sees “panic, animal fear of the government, which is trying to create ideological blinders for its citizens.”

“But when the President Zelensky one stroke of the pen imposes sanctions against a number of cultural and educational institutions, this speaks to the cynical betrayal of the people”, – stated in the message.

Zelensky was accused of “disregard for the values and freedoms that a year ago,” he declared, “winning voters tired of the sanctions, radical and Patriotic politics Poroshenko”.

Also, he is accused of corruption because “a number of entrepreneurs and companies from the sanctions appear”.

The party has demanded to explain, “to understand what kind of threat, according to ze team, I can imagine for Ukraine, the museums of fine arts and educational institutions”.

“The Opposition platform” believe that “educated, cultured, diversified citizens pose a threat to his power, his team, consisting of limited, ignorant, rhinepromenade functionaries – the “qualified” graduates “of the Truskavets Rixos” and fosterling Soros BRDO structures.”

The struggle “with educational and cultural institutions” called the “bottom” of Ukrainian politics and the Zelensky, who “has no more moral right to even hint about democratic principles, about the mental return of the population of uncontrolled territories and the unity of the country”.

Recall that Zelensky has updated the list of Russian organizations, against which Kiev had imposed sanctions, making it to Lomonosov Moscow state University, Russian geographical society, some divisions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Hermitage and the Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin.

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