TV-host Kseniya Sobchak has published part of the story of ex-novices Sredneuralskaya convent, captured shehurina Sergius. The heroes of the film told about how in my childhood I experienced violence at the monastery. Some of their stories included in YouTube show a leading “Family news!”

“that ran to the garden to bathe, we were made to kneel and beaten with sticks on the soles of his feet” — said the former novice Philip Maletkin.

According to him, in the monastery of the children was beaten with rods, nettles, cords and cables.

“the Girls were sitting at the table, put the bench in the middle, right on the bench I was laid, and go clubbing,” shared a former nun Christine Samoshkina.

She added that she was “a naughty child”, “the possessed, as they said father Sergius”, so for all the time in the monastery she was beaten about 20 times.

Former novices are told that there is publicly punished for sexual relations. In addition, as punishment in the monastery, the child may be locked up in the basement or the van with the rats without food.

Sobchak came to the monastery to make a film about bullying and sexual abuse of children in the monastery. June 27 June she reported that the supporters of Sergius attacked them. In the monastery, beat up the operator Sergey Erenkova (a broken arm) and former novice of the convent by the name of Philip.

About the seizure of the nunnery became known on June 16. Father Sergius began to conduct services contrary to the prohibition in the service for the public denial of the coronavirus. July 3, chapel court recognized Sergius guilty of violating the monastic vows and stripped him of his dignity.