Online-festival “the Double DV@” the Internet is born and exists only in the virtual – it can help to overcome this forced disconnection from the larger world. To be in the familiar surroundings of human thought and artistic talents. To feel again along.

within two weeks of our festival from the comfort of home, you will be able, at a convenient time and in any part of the world view 19 feature and short competition films.

They starred in the expectation of meeting you, but most never reached, because the rental has long been dominated by vociferous fighters, not the best taste comedies and cartoons for children of all ages. We give them a “second premiere” – in the boundless space of the global Internet.

And in the category “Theatrical intermission” we will show more and four performances, one classical and three modern Opera musical staged by the leading musical theatres of Russia.

Photo: Sergey Kuksin/ RG “Double two” will unite all disparate pandemic coronavirus

the online festival has all the feedback, in these days of forced isolation it will become another way to communicate, to discuss what they see, to argue, to vote for your favorite movie or show, clicking on stars under the screen, – the competition with more votes will receive the audience award.

I Hope that on the website will, as always, interesting and crowded. The best of the reviews published there, too, will receive their prizes. We remind you that the reviews are moderated and will appear on the display with a small delay.

the Principle of selection of films in competition is the same: focus on a mass audience at a decent art gallery.governmental quality. These are films where there is a clear plot, clear thought and vivid acting, painting without a snobbish snobbishness and ambition to work only for the public, “advanced”, “elite”. Movies, able to dialogue with the audience.

The 11-th festival is one symptomatic feature: he had accidentally achieved what we consciously strive but in vain Cannes, Berlin and Venice – the notorious gender parity in the selection of participants. Of the 19 films of the two contests made 10 Directors are women. We didn’t plan that on purpose, didn’t give anyone a head start, because we believe the idea of such parity crazy movies still do not differ by gender, but by quality. But it happened. So we have a situation in our film: “women’s wave” in the Russian direction was so powerful, that clearly pushes the “strong floor” on the second position. And it produces good quality movies and you will be able to see this. While she is more active in the short film – there gaining experience and energy. But more than noticeable in a full-length feature films.

“Female wave” in the Russian direction was so powerful, that clearly pushes the “strong floor” on the second position. And it produces good quality movies and you will be able to see this

this “wave” is interesting to watch. Until now, the films of Steven Soderbergh or Paolo Sorrentino, on the one hand, Liliana Cavani, Jane Campion, on the other drew a unified picture of the world: each offered their own opinion, but the angle was roughly comparable. Looking at festival the movie Oksana Karas “Above the sky” or presented “Loyalty”, Nigina Sayfullaeva, you will feel a radical change of perspective, a new measure of candor, touching the intimate areas of that movie if touched, even accidentally and in passing. We had movies like “what men talk About” – but now we are so detailslearn about screens, “talking about women”. Sometimes these revelations are shocking surprise to sung romantic beautiful sex cynicism and cruelty, and sometimes thrilled with the new depths of penetration into the psychological foundations of human relationships. “Women’s cinema” as “women’s affair” was still there and promises us many more “discoveries”, at a new stage of continuing the “enlightenment age” and making it a constructive contribution.

Photo: Evgeny Odinokov/ RIA Novosti Lyudmila Chursina was awarded the honorary prize “For outstanding contribution to cinema”

so we start. Usually, in the media center held the opening ceremony and Grand ceremony and home at the same time. It is lit by friendly radio and television stations, going to the movie stars, the authors of paintings, theatre actors, musicians, kinokompanii… Circumstances made it impossible this time. But the festival will take place in the normal way and will be available all over the world for free viewing. On Wednesday evening, the Internet will be an introductory video, temporarily replacing the live ceremony, and will begin the premiere of the first competitive film “the End of the season” by Konstantin Khudyakov – is a modern version of Chekhov’s “Three sisters”, a star pattern with the participation of Yulia Snigir, Yuliya Peresild, Anna Chipovskaya, Evgeny Tsyganov, Sergey Koltakov, Dmitry Entaltsev… in addition to the large audience of the jury – voting on the Internet viewers will have two professional: the first, chaired by the honored worker of arts, President of the festival “Window to Europe” Armen Medvedev will define winners of competition of feature films (best film, best Director, best actor); the jury, formed by students of the film School will announce the best short film.

700 thousand people in 104 countries since 2011 saw the films of a film festival “the Double DV@”

It would be useful to distract a little from her sad thoughts and anxious predictions return to the typical life, at least in the virtual. To get in touch again with talented people to argue with them, to support them, to engage them in a dialogue by correspondence. Our forum awaits your feedback and reviews, the contestants are your judgments and assessments, and all together the vivid artistic experiences. Good luck!

program Director of the festival “the Double DV@” Valery Kichin: the Life forced to change from the traditional opening on the virtual Network. But the festival will be held, as always, at home. Photo: Sergei Mihaifrancu “Russian newspaper” – the audience of the festival “the Double DV@”

Dear friends!

we All know that we live today in difficult conditions, the spread of coronavirus. However, I would like to work with you to hope that our 11-th Internet festival of cinema and theater will be successful. It has not been canceled. We don’t break any rules and I want to be in this difficult situation people feel the joy of communicating with art.

You, dear audience, our main judges who will determine the new winners of the audience award at the cinema and theatre.

We very much hope, despite the fact that many of you are working on remote access and are forced to stay at home with your loved ones or without them you will not forget about our festival and be sure to watch it.

Successful hits! And don’t get sick, please!

Schedule XI festival “the Double DV@”.Full meter

on 2 April. THE END OF THE SEASON. Drama. Dir. Konstantin Khudyakov.

April 3. SUNDAY. Drama. Dir. Svetlana Proskurina.

on 4 April. TURANDOT. Opera By G. Verdi. Puccini. Dir. Dmitry Bertman

5 APR. JOKER. Stories by Antosha Chekhonte. Dir. Alexander Kaurykh.

on 6 April. SIS. Drama. Dir. Aleksandr Galibin.

7 APR. ROMAN HOLIDAY. Musical. Dir. Philipp Razenkov.

8 APR. SEA BUCKTHORN SUMMER. Biopic. Dir. Victor Alferov.

9 APR. ONCE IN TRUBCHEVSK. Drama. Dir. Larisa Sadilova.

on April 10. JANE EYRE. Musical. Dir. Alina Cevik.

April 11. HIS DAUGHTER. Drama. Dir. Tatiana Everstova.

April 12. BATTLE. The musical drama. Dir. Anar Abbasov.

13 APR. WHITE. PETERSBURG. Mystery. Dir. Gennady Trostyanetsky.

April 14. ABOVE THE SKY. Drama. Dir. Oksana Karas.

15 APR. Out of the competition. DAY OF WAR (1942). FRONT-LINE CAMERAMAN (1946). Documentaries.

on April 16. Premium films-laureates.

Short film (fiction movies)

2 APR. PHOTO ON HAPPINESS. Dir. Anna Metafile

April 3. ANNA AND VANO. BATH AND WINE. Dir. Alex Someone.

5 APR. EUTHANASIA. Dir. Elena Brodach.

on 6 April. TEST DRIVE. Dir. Svetlana Vasilchenko.

8 APR. INTERVIEW. Dir.Ivan Sosnin.

9 APR. NATIVE. Dir. Irina Bass.

April 11. FUEL. Dir. Mikhail Arkhipov.

April 12. NAIL. ACTION. Dir. Rail Karimov.

April 14. SOLO. Dir. Konstantin Abaev.

XI “the Double two” starts the competition film Konstantin Khudyakov “the End of the season.” Photo: Press service kinofestivalya need to watch “the Double DV@”

Alexander Mitta, Director:

– a Movie that speaks with emotions, you can define the credo of the festival. I would call it “Oscar” according to the “Russian newspaper”: it shows the best of Russian cinema. And often open to the public paintings, which are not lucky in our hire.

Vladimir Khotinenko, Director:

– “Double two” – it’s not only interesting, but of chrezvychAino modern. This is another very important and very effective way to bring public interest to our movie.

Alexander Proshkin, Director:

Photo: Valery Matytsin / TASS Directed by Alexander Proshkin celebrates anniversary

– “Double two” – one of the few festivals with a human face: without intrigue, without squabbling, without parties. It’s just a human thing. And it is extremely useful, because the authority of “the Russian newspaper” maintains interest in Russian cinema, and the possibilities of the Internet are endless. When we say that our movies suck, it is a profound truth. I travel a lot around the cities, and each show always ends with a conversation with the audience, and people are always talking about how they don’t have enough of Russian cinema. I wish this festival centennial. It is organized very clean people, are the light of the soul, the enthusiasm and sincere love for cinema. The picture, presented in the contest – for the most part very human work.

Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov, Director:

– This is a very rare, almost unique opportunity of real communication filmmakers with the audience. There are, of course, to the usual festivals, but they often turn into a monologue of the Director and the audience do not have time to tell about their experiences, even if just to formulate them. On “Double two” they are given a word and they write amazing lyrics. There are awesome reviews on the festival forum, inspiring impact is huge. Thanks to the festival for the opportunity to feel the audience – not abstract, but living and caring.

Oksana Karas, Director:

– I can’t imagine a spring without a festival “Double two. Its program Director noticed my debut film “the Rehearsal” and invited to a contest so my picture, which had no rental, got a second life. So this festival is very dear to me: I know him as a Director-participant and as a jury member, and as a spectator. And in any capacity always enjoy opportunities to watch films, selected with taste and incredible care of these cinephiles. Movies that were not at the hearing, sometimes not even released. But you can be sure that this is a real movie and definitely a must-see.