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until november 2017 was Louis C. K. is recognized as one of the world’s best comedians, both of the public and colleagues. Then admitted to masturbating in front of several young women in komikermiljøet. In a statement, he said that he “asked first”, but admitted also that the balance of power did that that question really was a question. He apologized and claimed to understand the scope of their actions, and he admitted to have abused its position.

When Louis C. K. now release their first, hour-long standup special after revelations, sees all the reflections from the regret of to have forduftet.

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In the time after the revelations went C. K. under the earth, and has only done unannounced and closed performances. He has received both criticism and support from bransjekolleger, but it has still been broad agreement that he had not taken a large enough responsibility for their actions.

“ye then Louie CK” is komikerens first, the government announced a comeback, and must thus be seen as a perfect opportunity to address and correct the disclaimer he has been criticized for.

the Set starts with a cheap reference to the fact that he has had “major global issues” the last two years. As the gullible members of the public waiting I’m on a kind of renselsestale where he with his selvhatende humor to grab the nasty, upløyde marka of responsibility that lies behind him. To go, however, it is not.

Louis C. K. continues in the well known, good style with nedsabling of everything from the religious to the handicapped, and it is whether you want to or not, extremely good comedy. He jokes about his mother’s death and about how terrible it must be for his girlfriend to sleep with him.

the Comedian Louis C. K. was a hailed with many awards for the semibiografiske series “Louie” that were sent between 2010 and 2015. Here from a performance in 2014.

Photo: Brad Barked / Ap

Even after so many years as a comedian has C. K. a completely separate ability to formulate taboo observations on the new ways we had never thought of. Humorfaglig is he as good as unsurpassed in its genre, but with the stories about his actions in the mind are the result of the hateful and sometimes morbid jokes a little different than before.

Where he previously perhaps only perceived as depressed and lonely feels he is now more arrogant and almost selvforherligende.

One of kit best parts is all about that C. K. hates “small, independent shops” because once you go into them you realize that you are in the middle of the butikkeierens lifelong dream. It is a joke that makes me laugh so much that I just about cabins with his fist: “Damn, why must you be a prick?”. He is such a skilled comedian, admired by so many and draws still full house.

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Then it is unforgivable that he does not take more hold in the actions than he does when he towards the end of the set finally says what everyone has been waiting for: “You wanna talk about it?”. It lights up a tiny hope, maybe now he will use its power for something good? But no, he chooses the opposite.

Reflections from 2017 is thrown over the table and he goes a long way to insinuere that women themselves have the responsibility for what they have been exposed to.

Clearly, this is a standup, it should not be gravalvorlig, but I think Louis C. K. is creating more problems for both themselves and women who have been victims of men like him when he says “What I have learned is that when you ask first, and get a yes, then ask again. For it is not sure she meant yes”.

It is absolutely amazing to me that this man is not their responsibilities. When you are so exceptionally good at what you are doing, and can write jokes at their own expense, but choose to undermine the entire #metoo-the movement in the spot, then I am disappointed. What kind of signal effect has it on the regular, male Louis C. K.-fan that he is not taking it more seriously than this?

Sparkling jokes regardless of the circumstances, despite the fact – this show is a forfeited opportunity to do something good for the world, and it is horrible sin.

It is difficult to overlook that one of the world’s most influential scenekomikere hurts worse with the chance this set provides, and it goes beyond the overall impression of the show. Then there had been better to not grab it at all, if you ask me.