the result of the run-off election on may 29. March in Augsburg

In Augsburg, Germany, competed on Sunday, Eva Weber (CSU), and Dirk worm (SPD) in the runoff election against each other.

The CSU candidate, Eva Weber is the mayor-run-off election in Augsburg, Germany, far in front. After the counting of the 49 of the 100 Constituencies, the 42-Year-old was around 62 percent. The SPD candidate Dirk worm came to just under 38 percent, as the city announced. The former town mayor Kurt Gribl (CSU) was started after two terms of office.

election results for the municipal election in Augsburg, Germany 2020

the final result of the IF-choice (Bavarian state office for statistics): CSU-candidate Eva Weber can unite 43.1 percent of the votes.

you must on the 29. March in the runoff election to the Post of the mayor of Augsburg against the SPD candidate Dirk worm, which is 18.8 percent. On the third place of the IF Martina comes the Wild (Green) with 18.5 percent.

Petra Hummel – Free voters (Augsburg): 3.2%

Andrew Jurca – AfD: 4.8 percent

Frederik Hintermayr – Left: 2.7%

Detailed election results for the city and district of Augsburg you will find here.

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