He believes it is only a matter of time before the event of serious situations.

Researcher Tom Arild Blix by believe that believe both the military and civilian authorities must take the situation more seriously. He believes that a powerful solar flare could be disastrous.

Several american reports describe an event in 2012 that only on the american continent could have created damage for the roughly estimated 20 trillion dollars, a value equivalent to two Norwegian oljefond, says researcher Tom Arild Blix in a FI podcast.

Researcher Tom Arild Blix at the Norwegian Defence research establishment, believe that, believe the Norwegian authorities must take the solar flares more seriously.

Photo: FI

NASA believes the incident could have given the same effect as if a large asteroid had hit the earth.

The u.s. space agency believes that man’s development could have been set back to the 18.century, according to the report from FI.

A number of american satellites recorded the powerful solstormen, which went just past the Earth. Fly over the polar areas had to be redirected because of the large interference of navigation systems.

– Store the consequences is still after three weeks

the Norwegian Defence research establishment created in 2011 for a description of how a powerful solar flare could damage Norway, which is now partially avgradert. It describes a dramatic development. Here is a small summary:

Immediately clear TV pictures, the same the power in the whole of Norway. Medical-technical equipment in hospitals could be damaged. Remote operation of the oil installations are out of operation.

In the evaluation is the power back for three weeks, but still unstable. The same is the internet and pumping stations for water and waste water. Cellular service is still down in many places. The reason is that cell towers are damaged or destroyed. More companies going bankrupt.

It takes up to a year to replace the transformers because of the fire and the damage in transformers all over Europe, go back of the report.

power plants and governing bodies can be destroyed by a powerful solar flare, called it in a report from behind the naf.

Photo: Roger Prang

Researcher Tom Arild Blix by believe that believe that romvær can have far greater consequences than it are considered to be likely by the Directorate for civil protection and emergency preparedness, DSB.

Blix believes that the DSB does not take into account that a solar flare can destroy both the power generation and management systems and not just the network.

This also applies to systems in foreign countries outside Norwegian control, as for example GPS.

believe that-the researcher believes it will be a connection between long-term strømrasjonering, destroyed the electronic communication and the technical framework for the banking sector, which will increase the extent of the damage.

– Large uncertainty about the consequences

Head of department, Elisabeth Longva in the DSB says that in the agency is great uncertainty about consequences, not least the budget. It was done a new analysis two years ago, but then only a quality assurance of the factual information from a review from 2011.

In connection with the work, we were in contact with colleagues in other countries, including Sweden and the Uk. In these countries the analysis is considered the solar flare as a more serious incident a the DSBs analysis concluded with, ” says Longva.

the Director Longva thinks the power supply in Norway has become more robust in recent years. At the same time she admits that the society’s dependence of the telecommunications network has increased significantly over the last few years.

the DSB has not considered the consequences of a solar flare for web traffic here in the country since 2011.

Head of department, Elisabeth Longva in the Directorate for civil protection and emergency preparedness believes that there is great uncertainty to the consequences of solar flares.

Photo: Martin H. W. ” (in Norwegian) / NRK solar flare led to the danger of nuclear war

Less solar flares there have been several of the last few decades.

Recently, the now declassified documents show that a solar flare in 1967 was about to trigger a nuclear war. Solstormen beat out american radarsystem to notify the nuclear attack. The united STATES believed a time wrongly it was the Soviet union that just started jamming the systems, and put B-52 in alarmberedskap.

Also recently now declassified documents show that in the vietnam war did a new solar flare in 1972 that the 4000 magnetminer went off off the coast. 2. august was a big eruption on the sun. Two days after went to the mines due to energipulser from the sun.

A solar flare in march of 1987, beating out the entire power grid in Quebec in Canada in almost one day and part of southern Sweden, shows the report from the FI.

It has not been possible to get researcher Tom Arild Blix by the FI to amplify their views.