WASHINGTON. /TASS/. the Republicans of the house of representatives proposed Wednesday to introduce against Russia, Iran and China such severe sanctions, which, according to them, has never been offered before the us legislature. This is stated in a 120-page report, “Strengthening America and combating global threats” published by the Republican research Committee, which consists of about 150 congressional conservatives.

the authors of the report, on which the work was conducted about one and a half years, “offers more than 130 solutions to combat the most aggressive enemies of America in the world,” including Russia, Iran and China. In particular, legislators are recommended to be imposed against these three countries “the most severe sanctions, ever proposed by Congress.”

“the Proposals also include a common-sense, result-oriented reform to counter the authoritarian influence in the UN, ensuring that U.S. aid to foreign States worked to advance U.S. interests and values and the modernization of the US diplomacy and the state Department”, — stated in the document.

In the document “calls for the development of a strategy of communicating directly with the Russian people and support their aspirations to democracy and human rights”.

the Congressmen recommended to introduce a restriction against United front work Department of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China (CPC) and CPC leaders, including Politburo members, in connection with the situation in Xinjiang Autonomous region and Hong Kong.

Republicans propose using restrictions to block additional sectors of Iran’s economy, to impose sanctions on “Iran-controlled entities in the region,” including representatives of the armed groups in Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, and Syria.

Proposed in document initiatives are Advisory in nature and are not submitted to Congress the draft law.

the Russian side has repeatedly stated that the US will not achieve anything from the RF method, the pressure of sanctions, in addition to further deterioration of relations between the two countries.