Wednesday, July 8, “Evening Moscow” together with the employees of the gas service of the city visited the planned maintenance of the gas equipment in an apartment building.

July 3, Mosgaz has resumed work on the planned maintenance of gas equipment in homes, suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus.

— A quarter we have not performed maintenance. Now we have adjusted the schedule. For the third and fourth quarters we have to make it up, — said Deputy chief engineer of JSC “Mosgaz” Tatiana Kiseleva.

However, she stressed that the service worked and the period of limitations, the orders were fulfilled.

— During a routine maintenance check on the room where gas appliances are installed, check the equipment and pipeline for a gas leak, — said Kiselyov.

Check the schedule posted on the official website of the Mosgaz. It is absolutely free. If gasman require the money for it is fraud.

Locksmith Mosgaz Michael Bulychev, conducting work in one of the residential houses on lavender Boulevard, says that the major problems the audit found quite rarely. Today Michael will conduct maintenance of equipment in the two houses.

I checked the operability of gas appliances, all threaded and welded joints for leaks, check the proper connection of a gas appliance — plate with gas-control — says the mechanic.

Residents knew about the upcoming test and immediately let the employee Mosgaz in the apartment, which, according to him, is not always the case. Sometimes at the appointed time the owners are at work, have them “catch”, and to move the time of the inspection. To catch up the quarter, mechanics sometimes have to work evenings and weekends.

In the capital’s apartment buildings today installed reliable equipment. For example, a crane with three degrees of protection, which he will block the flow of gas in case of leakage. Flexible hose with PVC coating not penetrated by circulating currents, its service life is 15 years.

In Moscow of gas-about 20 thousand apartment and 4 thousand private houses. A day in the Mosgaz on average receives 100-120 applications from residents who smell gas.

Almost all of these claims are false. But it’s good that people are calling. Better we once get there, — said Tatiana Kiseleva.

The gas itself has no odor, but specifically add a strong smelling substance. However, often people confuse the smell of household gas, for example, with the smell of exhaust gases entering the apartment through the window. However, if there is suspicion of a leak, you should immediately shut off the gas, ventilate the area, turn off the appliance and call the number 104.

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All professionals ��deistvennyi in inspections of gas equipment in residential houses, were obliged to strictly observe personal safety measures. They are provided with medical masks, gloves and disinfectants. There are cases of fraud, so if in doubt, you need to call in Mosgaz and check information whether the house planned inspection of gas equipment or not.