The Spanish rescue ship “Aita Mari” has been rescued off the coast of Malta, dozens of migrants from a sinking boat.

had spent The 43 people of the night on the small ship, informed the non-governmental organisation Salvamento Marítimo Humanitario (SMH), which operates the “Aita Mari” on Twitter. Among the migrants, a pregnant woman, a child, and six people had become due to fluid in the absence of temporarily unconscious be.

auxiliary operation canceled

As Malta refuse the recording of the Rescued, call it a safe haven, it said. The minimal crew to feed the migrants until then, “as good as possible,” it said. The weather conditions, but would always be worse.

Malta had, according to the Spanish aid organisation, for the deployment of a helicopter with a doctor and auxiliary secures material, but according to a report the “picture” was stopped this project. “The Operation was because of the size of the Aita Mari impossible. There was no safe place to go to from the helicopter on the ship. Malta wants to send a ship with the doctor, although it would be the easiest way,” said a spokesman for the aid organization, SMH.

“Aita Mari” was on the way back to Spain

First of all, SMH had reported that 47 people on a leaking boat. An explanation for the contradiction in the Numbers it was first. It has not been reported dead or Missing. May was initially counted incorrectly.

The “Aita Mari” was. according to SMH, actually, for the purpose of maintenance already on the way back to Spain, as the news came that at least three refugee boats have come with more than 170 people aboard off Malta in distress With a minimal crew, you made a return, and discovered the boat on Monday. The rescue operation went shortly before midnight to the end.

a few days Ago, Italy and Malta had closed their ports because of the Corona-crisis for the private Maritime search and rescue. However, there were reports on more than 170 people who were able to go to Sicily to the mainland. Almost 150 migrants on Board of the German rescue vessel “Alan Kurdi” should initially be for a Corona-quarantine on an Italian ferry is brought.

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