New is the dramatic situation of tens of thousands of refugees is not jamming for months on the Greek Islands in the Aegean sea in hopelessly overcrowded and illegal, filthy Camps.

Likewise, what is new is that under the inhumane circumstances, especially the most Vulnerable of the refugees are suffering especially children and teenagers who are unaccompanied by adults travel. They often live were in the woods in squalid waste. Play with garbage, because there is nothing else, have no opportunity to wash, don’t miss important vaccinations and don’t get to eat regularly what you need as a minor matter of urgency.

By the provocative Opening of the Turkish border to Greece but also to the untold misery of children and young people advanced in addition to the General Chaos of the situation of the refugees in the point of view of the European Public. On 4. March, voted in the Bundestag against the inclusion of the 5000 particularly vulnerable refugees.

Angelos Tzortzinis/dpa Lesvos: A Boy plays with a scooter in front of garbage bags in the refugee camp of Moria.

a month after the decision none of the 1600 refugee children in Greece

saved The rejection came at a time when there is skirmishing daily along the border in the Evros Region to small smoke bombs, hundreds of illegal border crossings, and almost as many Pushback came through the Greek security authorities. The bad Conscience grew in the ranks of the coalition parties CDU, CSU and SPD.

Five days later, the coalition Committee decided, together with other EU countries, at least 1600 children and young people. Helped decision children, the ill, or is unaccompanied and under the age of 14 years are supposed to be according to the Coalition.

However, the mind arrived year so far, neither in Germany, France, or the six other countries, the willingness of the Minor in safety. Only Luxembourg has been able to organize at least the trip for 12 children. They are to be flown in the coming days from the Aegean sea in.

The German interior Ministry announced on Tuesday evening, at least to start next week with the Transfer of the unaccompanied minor refugees. It’s about 50 children and young people.

Reuters/Ismail Coskun/IHA/AP/dpa A little girl in a refugee camp on the Turkish-Greek border: In the case of recording underage refugees are the 27 EU member States deeply divided.

auxiliary organization: “offer of help is pure hypocrisy,”

The Greek children’s charity Metadrasi has hundreds of helpers on all the Aegean Islands and round-the-clock and also takes care of the focal points on the mainland to minors refugees. However, in view of the great promise on the one side and inaction on the other, the managers react disappointed and angry.

“of course We are pleased that at least the people of Luxembourg have kept their word, and now, the first dozen children and young people picks up,” says Metadrasi Director Lora Pappa. But that Germany and France were so reluctant to bother you excessively.

Metadrasi hilt of the refugee, UNHCR, help to collect all necessary data and documents for the children and young people, as they do, in contrast to the UNHCR there, the base work and direct contact to the affected refugee children. “This is not an easy task, 15 pages of verifiable personal data to collect. Quite apart from the fact once again that, in the meantime, a Covid-19-required Test. Such claims make the logistics of helpers and Doctors in front of gigantic problems,“ says Lora Pappa. Angelos Tzortzinis/Reuters children play in a makeshift camp next to the camp in Moria. The bearings on the Islands of Lesbos, Samos, Chios, Kos and Leros are completely crowded.

The main problem with what Germany is concerned, but it is quite another. “The Germans have decided that you want to help, especially girls up to the age of 14 years who are sick. Such a girl, there is not, believe me. What there are, are older, especially many boys, both in childhood as well as adolescence. If the alleged aid should look like, then the German offer of help is pure hypocrisy,“ snorts dad into the phone.

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“the program is only of use if regardless of origin

The whole utility was not worth the paper on which it is printed, if the Federal government would facilitate the selection criteria to be helped”. This is the “main reason” why so far, no refugee child had been incorporated. “And even in the case of children under 14, there are many who are stuck with older, but still underage refugees in the Camps and which cannot be torn apart.”

the preferred search for Syrian children, who come from a traditional war zone, is difficult. “Most of them have made applications for family reunification. Since most of them are older than 14, out you fall out of this program, the help for 1600 minor refugees easy.“

The overwhelming number of underage refugees and migrants come from anyway, not from Syria, but from countries such as Afghanistan and others. “If the EU wants to help these Minors, you need to do this, especially without any geographical restriction. This is even more important than the raising of the age from 14 years to 16.“

UNHCR appeal to policy

According to the UNHCR, life in the Greek Islands currently has about 2,000 unaccompanied minors, refugees and migrants. “They are constantly to the risk of abuse, trafficking and violence. The use of the EU, to help these refugees, therefore, is crucial,“ said Greece UNHCR spokeswoman Stella Nanou, on request by FOCUS Online.

This applies also for the long-term positive effects, the minors would be a quick Integration to the benefit of, supplemented Nanou.

Lora Peppa affirms: “If children and youth get on the slippery slope, then the probability drops significantly, that you will find the exit from this vicious circle. The Problem we see here with us in Athens. Because sooner or later they all come here.“ And many of them managed to exit prostitution, or deal more circles.

And what is the position of the Corona would affect the epidemic, the refugee camps, of course, been “lucky” to have had, so Peppa. “It seems as if the Greek government has made in the eindämme measures because of the epidemic it well. The Numbers, at least, let the suspect.“

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Locals suffer from the crowded Camps

But what in the refugee camps on Lesvos, Chios and Samos passing, if at some point the Virus on there should skip it, then you dare to imagine what could happen.

The Locals had been a long time “very helpful” and it also still says Pappa. But now, they also suffered the effects of the crowded Camps. Alone in Samos, meanwhile, 500 people now living with 6500 refugees and migrants, more than in the town of Samos. “The first, which would suffer in the case of a Corona outbreak in the Camps, including, it would, in any case, again, the children and young people.”

thousands of refugees wait at the Turkish-Greek border to continue their journey to the EU, FOCUS Online/Wochit thousands of refugees wait at the Turkish-Greek border to continue their journey to the EU “Remains to me the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement, FOCUS Online/Wochit “way Remains for me the spit”: the infectiology Lodge of the pale about Spahn-statement