Each country, each big city has its symbols, its emblems. It can be an architectural work, a natural monument, a unique animal, or even a specific dish. Some are better known, others less so. Here are some symbols. Can you quickly guess the country associated with it?

Frogner Park contains a huge collection of sculptures made by one person, Gustav Vigeland. There are more than 200 bronze and granite sculptures representing men, women and children, all naked. At the highest point of the installation, a 14-meter monolith is made up of 121 human figures.

This opera is a landmark monument of the capital of this country. Inaugurated in 2008, it was the largest cultural building erected in this country since a cathedral completed in 1300. Its walls are covered with Carrara marble and granite. The roof of the opera house slopes gradually towards the ground, which allows visitors to access a belvedere.

Bryggen is a historic port district of one of the important cities of this country. It was an important trading center established in the 12th century. In particular, it controlled the fish trade in this region of the world. Its typical wooden buildings, separated by narrow passages, have often been ravaged by fires, but have been rebuilt using medieval techniques.

The Lofoten Islands archipelago stretches for about 150 kilometers. There are mountains, rugged coastlines, protected bays, but above all small fishing villages characterized by brightly colored houses. This region attracts tourists from all over the world, especially for hiking or bird watching.