1/10 Sami grand prix (SGP) has since 1990 always been held at this location Photo: Mikkel Sara from Kautokeino Karasjok Máze Alta 2/10 What are the two classes competing in the SGP? Photo: Berit Solveig Gaup / NRK sami Joik and hip-hop Salmesang and joik Yoik and song Strupesang and joik 3/10 What year had one for the very first time the Russian-lappish artists in the SGP? Photo: Carl-Gøran Larsson / NRK 1990 1997 1999 2001 4/10 Double the SGP winner Photo: Rune Nordgård Andreassen

This artist won in two consecutive years in an in the SGP (1994 and 1995) , and later also won the Norwegian grammy (spellemannprisen) in Open class. What is the name of the artist?

Niko Valkeapää Jan Ole Hermansen Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup Johan Sara JR 5/10 SGP-final in 1996 took a very long time to implement. Why? The master of ceremonies svimte of several times the Power was cut in the middle during the broadcast There were a record number of participants, with ten entries in both classes the Winner in an had gone home, and had to be back to receive the prize 6/10 Unusual SGP participation Photo: Marit Sofie Holmestrand / NRK

IN the SGP 1991 was Iŋgor Ántte Áilu Gaup the first artist to do something that does not happen very often in this contest. What was it?

< p> He lined up in the costume instead of the köfte. He competed in both the joik and an Met not up to the competition, He stumbled off the edge of the stage 7/10 What was vinnerjoiken in the very first SGP, that was held in 1990? Photo: Marie Elise Nystad / NRK Giđđabeaivváš Luođáš Luondduálbmoga luohti Báktevári searat 8/10 She has won two times in an in the SGP. What is the name of she? Photo: Sigve Nedredal / NRK Mari internationally best-known Sara Marielle Gaup Beaska Sofia Jannok Marit Susanne Vie 9/10 Sami rock & roll hotel Photos: Åse Pulka / NRK

Winner of an in 2009 came from the Finnish village Vuohčču. The group’s name is also a common sámi last name. What called the group?

SomBy Suomi-GaUp oSKal HæTTa with fletta 10/10 This young artist has won both in the SGP and in Stjernekamp.

But what was the song she won with in the Sami Grand Prix in 2016?

Máze Luoddaearru Skomáhkár Ánde Sordon ráhkisvuohta Your result

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