Queen Elizabeth ii will on Sunday address the british people in a speech on the corona, which has hit the british hard.

Britain’s queen Elizabeth II in a speech Sunday night to urge the british to put a pride in the shared responsibility under the coronapandemien.

This writes the news agency AFP that prior to the special speech, has gained access to an extract.

– I hope that in the years ahead we will be proud of how we responded to this challenge.

– And those who come after us, will say that the british in this generation was as strong as any.

And that properties such as self-discipline, quiet, and mild determination and compassion still characterizes the british (after the crisis, red.), will the queen say.

the Speech has already been recorded in the Windsor Castle where the queen lives with the 98-year-old prince Philip.

Apart from his annual speech on christmas day, it is extremely rare that the now 93-year-old queen speaks directly to the british people.

the Speech comes after the daily number of deaths in the Uk was record Saturday with 708 deaths, including a five-year child.

Over 4000 coronapatienter is dead in the Uk, and among the 42 000 confirmed smittetilfælde prime minister Boris Johnson.

During the speech Sunday, queen Elizabeth II also like to thank the health professionals and other key personnel for their efforts in the Uk.

the Queen and her husband moved 19. the march to Windsor castle to take their own precautions against coronavirusset because of their high age, which puts them at risk.

The royal family has cut in its commitments, and Sunday’s speech was recorded by a single kameraoperatør wearing personal protective equipment, report of the royal officials.

The televised speech will be sent at 21 utc on Sunday night.