the Rumors about the infected baby from the Republican perinatal center has dispelled the chief freelance specialist in obstetrics and gynecology of Ministry of health RB Nazir Mingazov.

– the abandonment of the child because of his possible infection with coronavirus in our Republic. In the perinatal center there was a child with suspected COVID-19, but the mother wrote a waiver on the first day after birth, when there were no test results. The child underwent intrauterine pneumonia, which, as practice shows, gives a false positive result for coronavirus. The newborn was transported to demskiy hospital for examination. He is now healthy. Soon it will be sent to the orphanage, – said Nazir Mingazov.

According to him, in Bashkiria the diagnosis of “coronavirus infection” over the past month and a half has put more than 15 pregnant women, nine of them were treated in the hospital, and other outpatient. Many had contracted during early pregnancy. Fortunately, most disease occurs in mild form. Artificial ventilation of the lungs until no one needed. After treatment and a two week quarantine, and when two negative tests moms-to-be transferred to the category “healthy” and continue to watch them.

Coronavirus diagnosis was confirmed and the two women just before childbirth. But, as expected, the babies were born healthy. However, immediately after birth they were separated from their mothers to prevent infection. All within the guidelines of the Ministry of health of Russia.

– pregnant women, the disease is somewhat different than in other patients: shortness of breath, fever. However, many have no symptoms and identify the disease only after testing. The sharp deterioration of health is rare, – said chief specialist on obstetrics and gynecology of Ministry of health RB. But it is important to make a diagnosis. Tests for coronavirus for pregnant women mandatory today do not, therefore, when a planned admission, we recommend that patients be checked itself.

What threat this infection for pregnant women? Doctors say its unpredictability. Nobody knows how will behave in the body of the expectant mother, and what impact the disease on fetal development, pregnancy, does not cause premature birth. Therefore, such patients – a special approach.

Especially for women with suspected coronavirus or confirmed diagnosis in Ufa demski redeveloped maternity hospital. It has everything necessary for the resuscitation and care of newborns and assistance to women in case of complications. From ordinary this hospital is distinguished by the fact that the mothers are in separate wards, and the doctors go in special protective suits.

Chrome�� fact, pregnant women with suspected coronavirus can take in the hospital of Republican clinical hospital of a name of Kuvatova, as well as in Sterlitamak hospital N2. There is a broad and inter-municipal perinatal centers of the Republic.

– In the world there are many infectious diseases which in varying degrees affect our lives. The world is faced with the Ebola virus and zika, Coxsackie, measles, polio, mumps, rubella. And this is not a complete list of dangerous diseases. Many of them can be avoided. Enough to be vaccinated or to observe elementary precautions: wear gloves and a mask, avoid crowded places, said the Nazir Mingazov.

Also, doctors advise expectant mothers often ventilate the apartment, to do wet cleaning, and definitely be observed at the gynecologist timely to get tested, because women’s advice working. However, partnerships childbirth is forbidden, and the statement can only come from one person.

On the Republican station of blood transfusion has begun to harvest the plasma from donors who recover from coronavirus. As explained in the Ministry of health of the Republic, the first transfusion anticavity plasma showed a positive result in the treatment of severe patients. After this procedure the patient’s condition improved, he was removed from the ventilator.

so now people who recover from coronavirus, can save other people’s lives, by giving blood. However, a month after recovery, when the blood the maximum concentration of antibodies.

Pass anticavity plasma at the address: street shafieva, d. 2. Also will soon open a point at St Batyrskaya, d. 41/1.

At the same time, donors are entitled to remuneration. Its size depends on the amount received anticavity plasma. 300 milliliters of plasma, the donor will pay 2 500 rubles. 450 milliliters – 3 750 rubles; and for 600 ml – 5000 rubles.

they will Also pay for meals in the amount of 489 rubles, will allow this day to go to work, and give additional output.

precautions during a pandemic:

– Wash your hands with soap and water.

– Observe social distance (1.5-2 meters from each other), avoid crowded places.

– Try to switch to remote mode.

– Carry in public areas on gloves and a mask. Do not forget to change her every 2-3 hours and once again not touch her hands.

– avoid contact with people with symptoms of SARS.

– Try not to use public transport.

According to 18 may in Bashkiria coronavirus was confirmed in six pregnant women, two of them are on isolation: the disease is practically asymptomatic, while the others lay in the hospital. 9 more moms are staying at home, as it was in contact with Zaragenimi. The status of all patients on the special control of the regional Ministry of health.

Phone “hot line”

the Ministry of health of Belarus on the issues of coronavirus infection:

8 (347) 286-58-27

8 (347) 279-91-20 (multi-hour).

the Telephone “hot line” United counseling center epidemiology and prevention of coronavirus infection:


40 thousand children on average are born annually in the Republic.