the head of state said, after hearing the report of the Minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov at the meeting to support the economy and social sphere.

– You said that the business does not reduce the staff, trying to maintain, – said Putin. – Yes, many indeed do. This should be encouraged further. But still the reduction is.

the Head of state cited the example of one of the citizens, which previously spoke via video link.

– after All, the unemployment rate grew older, somewhere around a half percent, – the President added. – It is certainly not as dramatic looks, like in many other countries, where unemployment jumped from 11 to 16%.

He noted that in Russia up to the start of the pandemic in the fashion industry, the unemployment rate was about 4.5% and now stands at “around six.”

So “should pay attention” to the situation, called on Putin.

He also noted that the measure for the provision of loans for wages is working effectively. Employers can receive funds under 2 percent. The President urged “to see whether the level of wages in the enterprises who apply for this support measures”.

Earlier, the Minister of labour and social protection of Russia Anton Kotkov reported that the actual unemployment rate in Russia, according to Rosstat data for June 1 was just over 4.5 million It is calculated according to the methodology of the International labour organization. The registered unemployed of 2.42 million people.