Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted that he put himself at risk when on March 24, went to the hospital in Kommunarka, where they treat patients with coronavirus. At the same time, he expressed confidence that this risk was justified.

I wanted to see, to see with my own eyes how it all works. One thing to know on the reports, and another thing to come, to look, — said the TV channel “Russia 1,” Putin said.

The President also noted that the way he acted always and everywhere, “wherever it may happen.” He said that before the trip to Moscow and consulted with experts, “find out the most safe way of visiting red zone” and were equipped accordingly. However, he acknowledged that the outfit did not stop to pick up an infection the head of the hospital.

I believed that this risk is justified. The risk is not justified when it is not caused by necessity, — said Putin.

Wrote, chief physician of the 40th Metropolitan hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko said that the disease COVID-19 proceeded in his “middle form”, with fever, with a certain amount of lung lesions on CT. Protsenko said that he was treated “deambulatorio”, using the same therapy used for patients with coronavirus in the hospital.

At present among Russian regions leading in the number of infected COVID-19 in Moscow. For the past day in the capital coronavirus officially confirmed at 717 people. During the entire period of the pandemic COVID-19 has infected more than 220 thousand inhabitants of Moscow. In second place for the number infected with the coronavirus is Moscow oblast (56 934), the third — St. Petersburg (23 735). Least patients COVID-19 identified in the NAO (102), in Chukotka (138) and in Sevastopol (228).