Putin spoke on TV with another appeal in connection with the pandemic:

on Wednesday, President Vladimir Putin made a “substantial and voluminous” opening remarks before the big selector meeting with heads of subjects of Federation, which is organized via videoconference. In a public address to the population of the Russian President urged to comply with the restrictions imposed in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. He also announced a number of new solutions in the field of social support.

“Dear friends! Understand that fatigue, most reside in the four walls of a dreary and sickening, but there is no choice. Mode isolation it is imperative to withstand,” – said Putin.

He also compared coming from China coronavirus with nomadic Asians who have assailed the inhabitants of Ancient Russia, and assured that the disease will end with another Russian triumph. “Everything passes and this will pass. Our country is repeatedly passed through serious tests: the Pechenegs film, and Cumans – all handled Russia. And we will defeat this infection coronavirus. Together we shall overcome”, – said Vladimir Putin. His words are quoted telegram-channel “Rise”.

the Head of state announced additional payments for professionals who work with patients with coronavirus. In the next three months, the doctors will receive an additional 80 thousand roubles, nurses – 50 thousand rubles, Junior staff – 25 thousand rubles. The paramedics will pay extra 50 thousand, and paramedics – 25 thousand rubles.

Putin spoke against the closure of the transport and passenger service in the regions and mass constraints of the business. In an emergency, additional assistance he proposed to extend to all affected businesses small and medium businesses delay the payment of insurance contributions to social funds for six months. Similar support measures are adopted for micro-enterprises.

the Government’s involvementm Central Bank shall, within five days, prepare a programme of additional support to the business, the President added. But to help in the first place need to those companies who retain employment.

Family eligible for maternity capital for five thousand rubles monthly for each child under the age of three years inclusive, will receive an additional payment in April, may and June.

Families with children where parents are temporarily unemployed, in addition to the unemployment benefits and the payments in the next three months will be in addition to pay three thousand rubles per month for each minor child.

“will Determine the next two to three weeks. It is a period when we need the utmost concentration of all resources, the strict implementation of the recommendations of doctors,” – said Putin.

According to him, Russia “has everything to overcome the crisis: a stable macroeconomic situation, minimum public debt, a solid “safety cushion”, there are means for solving the problems any of the possible scenarios, experience of overcoming of crises in the past years”.

“losses are unavoidable, but we can reduce them to minimum”, – said the President.