Vladimir Putin did not rule out that he will run for the presidency for a new term, if to be adopted the amendment to the Constitution. The head of state has not yet made a final decision.

“I haven’t decided yet. I do not rule out the possibility of running if it is there in the Constitution. Let’s see, we’ll see”, – Putin said in an interview with TV channel “Russia-1”.

At the same time he urged officials not to “roving eyes” in search of a successor and to devote more time to the work.

“you Know, I say absolutely frankly: if this is not [the adoption of relevant amendments to the Constitution], two years later, I know that from experience already, instead of the normal smooth operation on many levels of government will start the roving eyes in search of possible successors”, – said the President.

Putin said that he is convinced of the need to amend the Constitution:

“I am absolutely convinced that we are right to accept the amendments to the Constitution”.

According to him, the main law of the country were adopted in the period of political crisis, “when the tanks fired on the Parliament in Moscow were clashes with the victims.”

“Today, thank God, stable political situation, but there are other things related to our sovereignty,” said the President.

Putin said, in particular, that the Soviet republics had the right to secede from the country, but this procedure was not regulated. In the end it turned out that one Republic was absorbed into the Soviet Union received a huge amount of traditional Russian historical territories, and then decided to leave the Union.

“Well, at least then went with what came, and not dragged to an "gifts" from the Russian people. After all, none of this was spelled out,” – said the President.

Earlier, the “Rambler” reported that Putin reacted negatively to the words Zelensky about the Second world war.