Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to the Russians after the conference on combating coronavirus in the Russian regions. It has been broadcast on the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The President expressed condolences to all who lost loved ones due to the coronavirus.

Vladimir Putin noted that many Russians do not feel threatened, however, the risk of widespread dissemination of coronavirus is still high. Despite the fact that sick in Moscow accounted for only 0.4 percent of the population, we are talking about specific lives.

“Each of us wants to exhale and say: “all behind.” Many planned to spend the may holidays in the garden plots. It should be done. Please exercise the utmost responsibility and care. To refrain from visit to neighbours, from the gatherings in large companies and non-essential travel. May the coming days are crucial”, – said the head of state.

The President reminded that to prevent “failure” in the fight against coronavirus, it was decided to extend the restrictive measures until may 11.

“following the mode of self-isolation, we will celebrate a sacred holiday – Victory Day. Will aviation technology, and in the evening is sure to be a traditional fireworks,” – said Putin.

According to the President, all planned for the holiday events: the Victory parade, and the March of the Immortal regiment, will be held when the situation will be completely safe.

The situation in the economy very important, but you cannot sacrifice people don’t apply the law of natural selection, said Putin.

“the history of world literature we know that in primitive times the elderly, sick children, feeble people just throwing for the sake of the survival of the whole tribe. Perhaps then it was not simple other exit. But we live in the XXI century. And frankly: those who are now offering to sacrifice people, to leave them to their fate, in fact, call for a return to savagery and barbarism.

it is said that in ancient Sparta, the sick, the crippled children were thrown from the cliff. But we know that the society of Sparta was built on hard formations. But it did not help, and eventually it lost its statehood,” – said Putin, noting that this history is instructive.

The President proposed to remember, “a poignant, touching to tears,” the story of Jack London “Law of life” the cruelty of children towards their parents.

“You can at least for a moment, imagine that it is possible to do so with our parents, and grandparents? I do not believe it. It’s not our genetic code. Because we learned from our ancestors is absolutely another”, – Putin said.

According to the President, it is the responsibility of each depend the lives of other people.

“We all must fix that and catch up. We could overcome this�� coronavirus and with a calm heart all together we will lift economy, strengthen welfare, please support those who have lost jobs, wealth, substitute shoulder affected businesses, will help them to save jobs. Life must be adjusted”, – Putin promised.

As reported by “the Rambler”, by the 28th of April in Russia revealed 93558 cases of coronavirus, during the day, the number of cases has increased in 6411 people. For the entire period of 867 people died, recovered 8456 people.