Putin heard the anger of the people

Hear the crickets stir in the thick amber, plunging into the grueling flight to nowhere from nowhere? Grasshoppers — we. Something we promise, made some decisions, but the feeling that all this is past us, it’s not real, it is only growing. Last week Putin again said the right words, Mishustin signed the proper papers, the doctors called abstract numbers. Amber froze.

With physicians and begin. Home now, coronavirus, television luminary Dr. Myasnikov, and have published data on mortality from different diseases. How much of kovida died of other ailments a year die. For simplicity we take the flu. Butcher writes that he in a year die from 650 thousand to a million people. Now in the third year, from kovida died 200 thousand people. Why he wrote it? To people find themselves? Well, we believe. If we assume that the number of deaths has stabilized (where something grows, but is already reduced, and where-that deaths have not), turns per year, 600 thousand? How flu? And this despite the fact that from kovida is no vaccine and how to treat it is not very clear — the skills just appear. And flu and vaccines have and treat him can. So why butcher wrote it, and conclusions (except that the coronavirus is a long time) did not? I would venture to suggest why. To deny the danger of coronavirus can not (does the word “cannot” the word “prohibited”, decide for yourself).

Very funny and sad to observe how cheating in the casino trying to implement fair rules of the game require honesty from all players. Regions put into use a system for implementing digital badges. Working people these permits must issue employers. Putting social security number and other data necessary for a “white” job. You already knew what an ambush, right? Why employers can’t skip issue?

Small business has promised soft loans. But then it turned out that many people simply do not pass the program on formal grounds, one-third of the companies declared type of activity does not correspond to what is written in the list of codes for the affected industries. Because to be honest, in white, doing business did not, despite all the declarations of the state on support of small and medium-sized businesses.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin in the week showed that he heard the anger of the people. At the meeting to support the economy, he acknowledged that while there are obvious difficulties with the implementation of support measures, for example, when entrepreneurs can’t get loans, and citizens – vacation credit. “Abstract promises on the lives of people not affected, nobody needs” – said Putin. The grasshopper wanted to jump for joy, but the feet have long been bogged down — in about the same words he had heard a year ago and five , and ten years and fifteen…

Although one order of Putin we can perform. The President urged not to buy limousines. Okay, let’s not, and in fact, sometimes, go to work and think of potatoes a kilo to take or maybe a limo?

No, of course not to us he turned, and to the officials. In the framework of ideas to support domestic producers. But why is it these poor limos emphasis? Long after officials ordered foreign cars of domestic Assembly to take. More late the Germans the idea moved. Don’t listen, or what?

Now, see, what’s the difference? We can Putin’s order to comply, and officials there don’t want that. Someone in this story is superfluous.

Past another ideas that support the construction industry, it is difficult to pass. Past Teschin home. During the week it became known that the government will provide state guarantees for 50 billion rubles to buy back from developers unsold housing. That is, simplifying, on our money, in taxes paid, the state would buy apartments, if only the developers had to reduce their prices. This is the question of whether the capitalism we have in the yard or rubbish.

it is Clear that the support industries needed. The aviation industry, for example. But they may be right to put conditions? Now we’ll get into the position, the money from people’s pockets will give them. And then when it’s all over, it is possible they will also enter the position of a man whose suitcase or favorite cat 100 grams heavier than the put will be?

In the week about the fact that you have to log in to the plight of the common man suddenly thought, the head of the accounting chamber. Because, in his view, unemployment could jump by half, to 9 million people, the poorest may have to distribute food aid. Interestingly, in-flight meals airlines fit or not?

by the Way, about food. The head of the village in Megino-Kangalassky region of Yakutia found someone’s Bank card. And shops the village of Lower Bestyakh bought all your food for 5 thousand rubles. Moreover, smart — each time I bought less than a thousand to no pin to enter. Now law enforcement bodies understand.

sort out the bodies and with the citizens of Butovo, osatanevshih from bezvylazno sitting in four walls and arranged at the end of the week party on the street.

Ordered to sit, legs not to move, to congeal. In an ideal — still and not think. But this is the next step. Meantime, get used to it — to deny the danger of coronavirus impossible.