Putin has threatened banks to support borrowers

Vladimir Putin has cautioned banks against non-decisions to support the victims of the epidemic of the coronavirus borrowers. “Abstract promises on the lives of people not affected, useless,” stressed the President, noting that while the denial of holidays and issuing soft loans are not a single character. According to the President, all the support tools must be accessible to citizens and business, and if some measures do not work, officials need to act and not sit idly by.

the Meeting in support industries affected by the coronavirus, usually held in the open mode. But in the case of banks, Dmitry Peskov, told them that a significant part of the discussion “for greater efficiency” will be closed. It and is clear: money, as you know, loves silence, and big money – especially. As already considered by the Agency Moody’s, only for vacation credit banks can receive 100-150 billion in interest income. And no one likes it.

However, while financial institutions do everything possible to prevent all delays, which by decision of the President can claim physical persons and small businessmen, whose income because of the coronavirus fell by more than 30%. Many applications remain without response. Other borrowers contrary instructions require additional documents that they cannot obtain in isolation.

Putin at the meeting said that he was aware of the existing problems. “Citizens can’t get the vacation credit, and entrepreneurs with soft loans. They either immediately fail, or wasting time, or presenting is clearly not feasible demands, and this is not isolated cases”, – said the President.

He noted that the government together with the Central Bank it is necessary to analyze the situation and to adjust the regulatory framework. “About the decisions taken not only to announce, ladies and gentlemen. So you need to work out all the stages of their implementation, to help came on time and in need could use it,” – said the GDP.

First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov and head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina has assured Vladimir Putin that a special reason not to implement the decisions of the government, banks do not. The current crisis, the banking system meets in a much better state than in 2008 and in 2015.

“This sector is not among the victims. In the first quarter net profit of banks amounted to 528 billion rubles,” – said Belousov. And Ms. Nabiullina could not resist the pathos, noting that “banks are the line of defense of our economy from the shock.” According to the head of the Central Bank, steady position allows them to provide vacation credit in difficult situation borrowers and parallel to issue new loans – capital stock amount to 5 trillion RUB myself EXTAvim that vacation is not a free service. While they work, (maximum 6 months) the interest will accrue, that is, banks receive income even in the current difficult situation.

Officials say that in recent days the situation with registration delays, has improved: from 100 thousand submitted applications satisfied 39 thousand, those of about 40%. However, the Central Bank recommends to borrowers to begin to use the mechanisms of debt restructuring and only in extreme cases to insist on the vacation. “For a week, the percentage of approved applications for restructuring of loans to individuals increased from 44% to 60%, and small and medium-sized business with 60% to 80%,” – said Nabiullina.

Vladimir Putin asked banks to pay particular attention to the new state program to subsidize mortgage rates, according to which loan for new construction before 1 November can be rented at a rate of 6.5% (the Rest will be covered by the government). “We need to make a mortgage could be issued quickly, without unnecessary formalities, including distantly,” he said. The President reiterated that in strict compliance with sanitary norms of housing construction should continue. Developers fear that the “frozen” construction projects even preferential mortgages will not demand as high risks that the house will not be delivered in time.

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