to Have such a powerful psychological technique is to take a break. That’s just physically to pause a moment and try to feel the “here and now”. In Russia it is dangerous for an untrained person: you can get mental trauma of returning to reality from the heroic past or a perfect future. But as they say, “no pain — no power.” We train at the last week’s events.

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin on Tuesday slightly lowered the fire under the cauldron of class hatred. Ordered to introduce a higher tax for those who receive a year, more than 5 million rubles, and thus obtained money to direct on treatment of children with rare diseases. Hurry Russians with an average salary of 47 thousand rubles (564 thousand a year) gleefully rubbed his calloused hands well, finally, it’s time to revive the oligarchs. And how can we not be happy if the news explain: Putin imposed a tax on the rich. Now back to reality. According to the “world inequality”, which leads the World Bank, the taxable income of 5 million rubles per year are 0.5% of adult Russians. Moreover, the increased tax will be taken from the sum exceeding 5 million. Well, that is over 5 million in the old and with a hundred roubles more than for 15%. Maybe the rich will suffer much and will give a decent amount for the treatment of children? Last year in the country more than a million per month earned 11 287. And the oligarchs generally often do not pay income tax because most of their income are not as individuals, but as a non-resident legal entities outside the Russian Federation. In short, as we collected money for treatment of children via SMS and continue. But it sounds all the same, notably: “tax the rich”, though it is empty sound.

Vladimir Putin explained the amendment to abolish the time. If it does not accept the “in two years instead of the normal smooth operation on many levels of government will start the roving eyes in search of possible successors. We have to work, and not successors to look.” And so, OPA, and lied to officials. Normally rhythmically working, the eyes do not roam. 2024 years, then by 2030, and 2036, what will happen? But it’s the future. The real question is: what is the terrible search for a successor? Why he can destroy the normal work of the authorities? Surely you have a minute to think…

That was easier thought, here’s another event of the week — a former Governor of the Irkutsk region have asked Putin’s permission (!) participate in new gubernatorial elections. What is the law of the Russian Federation Communist Levchenko took the position of having to ask permission of the President to participate in elections? It is our electoral system such “stuffing” wants to discredit? Or just knows how it really all��held? If the latter have a membership card to put on the table for a conciliatory position. By the way, we’ll see.

Norilsk Nickel, drenched in diesel fuel is the beauty of our North, has taken a lot of effort to get the situation quickly forgotten. He has promised to spend billions, telling how the work boils, and in General, we won’t do it. Happened. But then, suddenly, it turns out that pour waste into the tundra — this is not emergency, not an emergency of some kind, and the ordinary. At the concentrator plant found the tube, where an unknown liquid was pumped… Yes she’s not pumped, just on the ground flowed. Again, suddenly found this is not the experts of Rosprirodnadzor (which Putin ordered to strengthen control), and journalists and activists. They caused the authorities, but a police car, which came to the prosecutors, by chance, moved the bulldozer works. Waiting now on Federal TV channels story on how to good care of the nature of the enterprise which introduced the innovative environmental technologies. Believe and run farther.

“Courchevel suitcases”, which aptly Sobyanin, was brought to Russia with the coronavirus, as it turned out during the week, to fly abroad did not stop. People who “can”, just “pretend” baggage — our largest airline admitted that transports people on commercial flights. These “cargo” flights, however, perform the usual passenger planes, and the ticket can buy those “who have permission to enter the country of destination. It is, as a rule, diplomats and Russians with dual citizenship or residence permit”. And who usually has a dual citizenship and residence permit? A locksmith from Omsk, who took credit for a trip to Turkey? So sit down, Ivan, at home in isolation, go in the mask. Without you, there is someone to bring the virus.

speaking of Omsk. It is here in the week decided to postpone a national competition for high-speed digging graves. The famous expression “don’t try to leave Omsk” sparkle with new colors. By the way, where the “Roskosmos” may work find for building “East”. And then again after the Corporation announced that infrastructure for launches of “Angara” at the cosmodrome will not have time to finish until 2023. Though was promised. But it’s the usual story.

the Embassy of the United States and Britain in Moscow adorned in the week building their rainbow flags. Well, that’s why? We don’t know who works there? Or wanted to Express a position on the sentence Kirill Serebrennikov? Interesting the verdict turned out. Without admission of guilt by the defendant, without trying to repair the damage on a “heavy” part of the fraud — probation. This is the question about who can 2 million dollars budget to Snitch, and to whom — the term for the spike.

Well, a little more about sex. At this time, the toads and vipers. Abbot Sergius decided that only he knows how to believe in God. “Captured” the monastery and began to curse “the departed,” headed by the Patriarch. Sobchak decided that only she should tell the truth to people about what is happening. Climbed to the monastery, called the nuns “the Orthodox Taliban”, was very angry that her then were asked to leave. When she tried the sleeve of shirt pulling from the territory, a picturesque village booty on a bed and then, on camera, said about the beating. Shock, scandal, intrigue, investigation… that Is, if thinking on your feet. And if you stop do anything. Emptiness. (Although I personally was surprised that Sobchak stepped on the Holy land, did not start to smoke.)

and finally. Lukashenko arrived in Moscow for the parade, said: “In the capital of the Motherland have arrived!”. He was born in the village of Kopys, Belarus. A good topic to stop and think, where is our homeland, what it did and what we can do.