Putin defeated the Governor of Vladimir region for problems with the coronavirus

Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the governors fell upon the head of the Vladimir region Sipyagin problem to combat coronavirus in the region. “You that sit there and to overcome all the difficulties!” – exploded the President, after hearing his report on the shortage of doctors, remedies and oxygen valves.

In General, the participants of the meeting the President did not confirm the data about overcrowding in hospitals and their work to the limit. At the disposal of physicians already have 68 thousand hospital beds, while on treatment, according to the Minister of health of Michael Murashko, consist of 26 thousand patients, not only confirmed kovid, but also with pneumonia of other etiologies. Sergei Sobyanin reported that the health care system in Moscow goes to work as planned, so Monday the commissioning of new hospital beds will be reduced. However, other governors, according to Putin, this is far from over. “The problem goes to the regions!” he warned.

the Reason for the next meeting of the President with heads of regions was the opening of two specialized coronavirus hospitals. One of them, the city authorities have built in the New Moscow, the other built up by the forces of the defense Ministry in Nizhny Novgorod. Vladimir Putin thanked the builders for the unprecedented short time work (in particular, hospital at the Bottom was built in 29 days), but stressed that now is not the time for solemn speeches – too much remains to be done. And not only in big cities.

one hundred percent willingness to fight for every human life should be provided in each region of the Russian Federation. “Even if the created reserves is not required in full, they should be to respond to any scenario. Better safe than sorry” – said the GDP.

Minister of health Michael Murashko reported that at risk are the five regions – Irkutsk oblast, Udmurtia, Vladimir oblast, Komi Republic and Zabaykalsky Krai. There is a need to mobilize effort to the set tasks were completed on time.

In General across the country, the situation is quite decent. The plan for redesigning clinics and the creation of hospital beds for patients with coronavirus, according to Murashko, were performed at 72%. At the moment the number of beds in 2.6 times exceeds the number of hospitalized patients. By 28 April, the head of the Ministry of health, will be scheduled 95 thousand bed places.

About a third of them have 30 thousand on the capital. Sergei Sobyanin, who got in touch with the President of the new coronavirus hospital, said that in the standard version it was designed for 500 beds, but will run the 800 patients will start coming Monday. At present in hospitals of the capital for treatment are 13 thousand patients.

“considering the events in isolation we not go according to the worst scenario. Our medical system begins to work as planned, with a margin of safety,” – said Sobyanin, adding that it was decided to reduce the planned input of hospital beds. Instead of 9 thousand on 20 April will be open only 4 thousand And the rest will be left in the normal operating condition, as Muscovites suffer not only COVID-19.

Other governors, which in turn had caused the relationship Putin said that he had started in advance to prepare for the meeting with the coronavirus thanks to the “alarmist politics,” Sergei Sobyanin and his stories about the aggressiveness of this infection. However, judging by the presented to heads of regions of the data, until the reserved number of hospital beds exceeds the number of patients.

So, for example, in Tatarstan already has 1400 beds for patients with coronavirus and treatment are 82 people. In the Tyumen region 530 beds and 134 of the patient. In Bashkiria has 1600 beds and 212 patients. Kirov oblast was hospitalized 125 people who had discovered the coronavirus, regardless of the severity of the disease.

With a special predilection Putin questioned the Governor of the Vladimir region included in the “black list” of Ministry of health. Mr Sipiagin frankly admitted that the difficulties there are a number of problems yet to be solved. In particular, the lack of specialized doctors: the number of infectious disease is only 28% of the needs, and pulmonologists – 24%.

Doctors lack of practical skills with a ventilator, and buy in the required quantity sredstvami not possible. Oxygen valves the region had to buy in China, but they cannot deliver – have problems with the aircraft, lamented Sipyagin.

Although listed by the Governor of the problems are systemic and objective nature, Vladimir Putin, his statement clearly did not like. “You that sit there and to overcome all the difficulties of subjective and objective character! – exploded the President, a ventilator is needed only for the seriously ill, down to the beds at least oxygen! And you can go training! It is necessary to act more actively and faster!”

According to Putin, Moscow first faced with the coronavirus, but the problem now goes to the regions. “It is necessary that in each region the people were ready to overcome all difficulties that may arise. In each”.

And it’s not just the number of beds. Need to staff specialists and to provide them with everything necessary for work. Therefore, the government has decided to allocate to the epidemiological events in the regions 36 billion roubles (Thus, the total amount of funds to combat coronavirus infection exceeded 90 billion rubles). Putin stressed that the money must be used with caution and the highest stepYeni prudent. And today to plan how the future will be involved bedspace and equipment purchased for confrontation СOVID-19..