Music, dance and acrobatics – here are 16 memorable experiences from NRK TV:

Goosebumps by Carp:
Adios Montebello Goodbye Montebello You need javascript to see the video.

Carp surprises and shocks with honest lyrics and a couple of music videos, and in the Spectrum they provide a concert it is impossible to not get goosebumps.

Balance without equal:
“Monuments in motion” at the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

This notion has already fascinated millions of viewers on the internet. Yoann Bourgeois is a circus artist, dancer and choreographer, and here takes he the Panthéon in Paris. A trampoline and a rotating patio for us to experience dizziness and tension.

A night you will never forget:
Recital with Highasakite

hitch a ride on You need javascript to see the video.

Christine Dancke has secretly invited friends and Ingrid Helenes biggest fans to create an unforgettable concert experience.

In the Royal Albert Hall:
Åge and Liaison

Åge Aleksandersen in the Royal Albert Hall You need javascript to see the video.

“It s a long way to go tea Royal Albert Hall”, song Aage Aleksandersen in 1975. But in 2016 he stood there with the League. Join us for a historic concert, with a radiant obvious Åge on and behind the stage.

An unbeatable family event:
“the Nutcracker and Musekongen” the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

In this new ballet have choreographer gone back to the fairy tale by E. T. A. Hoffmann. He wants to recreate the humor and absurdity, and also to take back some of the darkness in this romantic fantasy. But be not afraid: tchaikovsky’s beautiful and popular music is unchanged, and this is a colorful and sparkling version of this unbeatable familieforestillingen.

Amazing that this happened in Norway:
Otis Redding in Njårdhallen Rhythm & Blues in the Njårdhallen You need javascript to see the video.

Experience the historic concert in Njårdhallen 7. april 1967 with some of the world’s largest soulstjerner. Several Norwegian musikkprofiler was present and rista loose to the music, the sweat soulartistene delivered in the hall, usually reserved for the handball. Read the story about the amazing concert, where the recording seemed to be lost in the years.

Swedish stjernekoreograf:
“Play” at the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

This ballet has received glowing praise and won a number of international awards. It is about the child’s world of carefree pleasures, but one is also reminded of how important it is to keep playful into adulthood. On the stage creates gospel songs Callie Day and slagverker Adelaïde Ferriere exciting rhythms and lots of energy.

Recital in Oslo:

hitch a ride on You need javascript to see the video.

the Rapper Arifs biggest fans get a unique live experience.

the Sound of a century:
Ella Fitzgerald

the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

Follow Ella Fitzgerald from the time she wins a talent competition in Harlem in 1934 and on through five turbulent decades, which is reflected through her life and music – a music that in many ways is the sound of a century.

world-Class in all aspects:
Yo-Yo Ma and Mariss Jansons at the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

“All the things I love about life outside music have to do with people, and playing the cello allows me to fulfill all those interests through music,” says Yo-Yo Ma. Here you can experience the Richard Strauss’ tonedikt Don Quixote with the world-renowned cellist and the not less well-known, and for many years conductor of the Oslo Philharmonic orchestra, Mariss Jansons.

One of the biggest:
Radka Toneff Radka Toneff: Strong and hudløs You need javascript to see the video.

Radka Toneff was vokalstjernen that shone most strongly on the Norwegian jazz scene in the 1970s. She played with some of Europe’s greatest musicians and has been of tremendous inspiration for many of today’s singers. Here we get the reunion, both with gjennombruddskonserten her at the Kongsberg Jazzfestival in 1977, as well as the praise she got from Norwegian artists during Oslo jazz festival in 2009.

International success:
“Ghosts” the Ghosts You need javascript to see the video.

How much lie can withstand a man? That is the question. A strong story about how the unspoken can grow and become unaffordable, and how difficult it can be to take a settlement with livsløgnen. See the Norwegian national ballet The Norwegian national Opera&Ballet.

Recital for the fans:
Aurora a ride You need javascript to see the video.

The Norwegian verdensstjernen Aurora biggest fans get a truly unforgettable concert experience. You can also get here.

For a concert!:
Quincy Jones Orchestra with Michael Jackson hits the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

A fireworks of a concert where the Quincy Jones Orchestra plays music from Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad – three legendary albums by Michael Jackson.

Perhaps the last interview:
Bill Evans in Swansea Flimra You need javascript to see the video.

the Bill Evans Trio played at the Molde jazz festival in august 1980. In the aftermath of the concert did Jon Skarstein an interview with Bill Evans. This is possibly the last interview with jazzstjernen. He died 15.09.1980.

Playful and liberal Mozart:
“Cosi fan tutte” at the main Stage – TV You need javascript to see the video.

Mozart was busy of love’s many sides – both the sweet and the bitter. His liberal and humanistic view of love, one finds both in his private letters to his wife, but also in several of his operas. This is the theme for the world-famous filmmaker Michael Haneke, who has created a modern and entertaining performance at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

There is unique konsertopplevelser every day despite the fact that they must happen without the audience. If you want to have the artists directly at home in the living room, you can it through the organizers such as golden dragon and Koronerulling.

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