Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov in your channel in the Telegram expressed the view that the worsening economic situation in the United States due to "complete loss of control" in connection with the spread of the coronavirus confirms the riskiness of any predictions about the easy and quick withdrawal of America from the crisis.

"From the former of the United States remained mostly the image, and he gradually dies out, fades and dims," the Senator said.

According to Pushkov, China ended the epidemic coronavirus infection and proceeds to economic growth. USA, at the same time, due to the large number of new cases COVID-19 in the country "at risk to lose the positive" from the small to the revitalization of the economy and to increase the number of unemployed. The international monetary Fund (IMF) reminded the Senator, warned that the scale of the epidemic will hit the prospects of recovery in the United States, and the government lacks funds. All this may increase the tax burden on the already unhappy situation of citizens.

In the United States, according to the latest data, revealed more than 3.6 million cases COVID-19. According to calculations of the Johns Hopkins University, died more than 139 thousand people. The centre of the epidemic coronavirus infection in the United States was new York- in the worst days of the day the city died more than 700 people and more than three thousand came to the hospital. According to recent reports, died there 18 758 people, and about 4.6 thousand deaths require further testing.

According to the estimates of who in the world was about 13.6 million cases, and died of 585 thousand people. Johns Hopkins University reports that more than 14.1 million cases of coronavirus. Killed more than 602 thousand people. The number of cases leading countries are the USA, Brazil and India.

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