During the pandemic the number of cases reported COVID-19 exceeded 4.5 million, amounting to 4 527 127. From the coronavirus died 303 413 patients recovered 1 705 815. The increase yesterday was 96 334, becoming one of the highest for a pandemic.

In Russia the number of cases of coronavirus has reached 252 245, died on 2 305 patients, recovered 53 530. The pace of growth yesterday, and the day before, Russia was in third place after the USA and Brazil, the number of times per day amounted to 9 974.

In Moscow, a day recorded 68 deaths of patients with confirmed pneumonia and positive results of tests for coronavirus. 1235 people in the capital during the day, has recovered.

On the website of the Moscow operational headquarters published data in the Moscow region yesterday.

Current information on all regions of Russia and other countries represented on the interactive map Yandex.

In the first place by the number of cases of coronavirus in the world is USA, well ahead of all other countries, including, and daily growth rate. COVID-19 the country recorded 1 457 593 times (27 246 per day), 86 912 patients died (1 715 per night), 318 027 recovered.

Spain remains in second place in the world in the number of cases, if we take into account only the tests for coronavirus (229 540) and second, if you add up the results of tests for coronavirus and antibodies thereto (of272 646). The number of patients who died of coronavirus has reached 27 321, recovered 186 480.

Brazil second day in a row is the second country in the world after the US as growth per day (13 761), and the number of new deaths per day (835). In total, the country recorded 203 165 cases (Brazil has become the sixth country where the number has exceeded 200 thousand), the 13 999 patients have died, 79 479 recovered.

Among Western European countries in the number of new cases and new deaths continues to lead UK. During the time of the pandemic on its territory coronavirus recorded 233 151 times (3 446 per day) died 33 614 patients (428 per day).

the Swedish ecoactivity Greta Thunberg will give a hundred thousand dollars United Nations children’s Fund . This she said on CNN. In addition, famous for its environmental protection 17-year-old schoolgirl decided to isolate themselves, to check if she has COVID-19.

Former chief sanitary doctor of Russia, and nowadays the first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko expressed the view that the effectiveness of the vaccine from COVID-19 must be at least 50-60 percent.